Yates Cup, what a game

Just finished watching the Yates Cup between Queen’s and Western, wow, a real shootout, offenses lit it up big time. In the end, Queen’s prevailed and congrats to them, Faulds going down near the end proved costly for the Stangs no question. CIS football can be as entertaining as it gets and some great plays out there today no question.

The Hardy Cup between Cal and Sask (Shaw TV) was also a great game.

Ya, the Yates Cup was outstanding!!! I was gonna go down there, but I was sick. It was still great to watch it on the tv though. I think it was one of the best games I've seen this year, from any league!

Yep, the Yates Cup was Canadian football at it’s finest. Both QB’s passed for over 500 yds, it was unfortunate that one team had to lose. :thup:

Saturday was a great day for CIS football. The score does a good job with OUA football. They obviously don`t have the biggest budget, but still great quality.

The Yates cup was maybe the best CIS football game I`ve ever seen. Outstanding, and you can tell some of those guys will be household names in the CFL someday.

Valiant effort by Mike Faulds, he had no business escaping pressure on that last play and nearly got the reception. Great that Marshall, allowed Faulds the opportunity to have the ball and decide his fate..