YareTV test stream

Hello guys. I was just going to sign up for the international YareTV CFL package but the test stream just does an endless loop for me. Anyone that can verify how well it works for them? I'm testing it from Japan.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have an annual subscription so can only comment about whether it works when logged in or not. I’ve just tested the Ticats vs Alouettes game from last weekend. Seems to be working fine!

The past two years, I’ve bought an annual pass and it’s been great. I’ve had no problems watching in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. I’ve also watched in the UK & USA using a VPN without any problem. The only issue I have is watching the stream on my new 4K TV via Google Chromecast where it’s a bit choppy. On all other devices it looks as good/better than watching on TSN when back in Canada.

Thanks for that. I tested it with a different browser and it worked flawlessly:) Im ordering my subscription tonight. this is awesome! thanks

Just wanted to follow up on what I previously wrote after subscribing for the whole season on Yare TV. It all worked flawlessly with no possibility of spoilers. Thats where TSN could learn a thing or 2 about not posting scores on the same page u r trying to watch the game on. Congrats to Yate TV. I have no problem recommending it to anyone. Go lions go! :slight_smile:

Keep in mind everyone...

You need a combo of capable computer hardware and internet connection. If either or both are not up to par you will get less than perfect performance.

Now Im pissed off. I paid for everything and cant even log in now. Why? Im now paying for TSN in canada and this bs overseas yare tv that worked for a day over here. Am I surprised their ratings are down? Not at all. Im almost done with this crap. Why would someone that wasnt born into the sport follow it if it's this hard to be a fan? What a joke. 80 bucks down the drain today.

Argh, that sucks. It sounded so promising yesterday. Have you contact them about why you're having the problem?

I lived in Korea for many years and would've loved a reliable way to watch the games there.

I woke up and tried again. Nothing worked. Then I tried by logging in from my Email link they sent me when I subscribed and it worked. Im not sure why that made a difference. I used the same user name and password...

I would just like to follow up on this all by saying this service after 1 month of use has been awesome. YareTV works great and I chromecast with it perfectly. They really did an awesome job with this and it sure is nice. Totally recommended :slight_smile: Thanks a million!

Really weird that a single game is 2.99 (3 bucks) but a team pass is 36.99 (37). Sooooo…..buying all your team games is 27 bucks a year...10 cheaper than a season pass. And it specifically states that playoff games are not included. Only thing you seem to lose in the singles is that on-demand is only 48 hours.

Also...MFDgame...you state you have TSN in Canada...you should then be able to stream the games online via TSN...may need VPN depending on location.

Not liking that Paypal does not seem to be an option for this either.

Are you only buying your team's home games? 18 regular season games X $2.99 = $53.82...