Everyone wanted Williams in because he did well in relief in two games. He was unproven as a starter and showed it tonight. How many yards did he get. 125????????????? When Maas got only 250 everyone wanted to hang him and his family. The only reason why this game was so close was because of the defence. Funny when I came on here I knew nobody was going to crucify him like Maas was because all the Williams fans said I told you so like they knew everything about football. Guess what. He is good (hopefully) but he has a long way to go. And he has alot of work to do. Good luck to him.

The thing is he was able to but points on the board. With Maas it was a lets get two first downs and punt. But with Williams he gets the game past two first downs to get the field goal position. Williams is also completing most of his short yard passes which is something that Maas wasn't able to do.

Don't forget Ritchie got away quite a few times from the pressure. With Maas it was -first the rush -then deer in the headlight eyes - freeze - go down. Then punt.

Also, Williams has got a much better arm.(lets ignore that last pass, I think he just screwed up on that one. I dont think I`ve seen a ticat receiver that open in years)But I still say Williams is much better than Maas already and he only has one start under his belt.

On the last pass he was hit as he threw the ball. :slight_smile:

Williams showed that if Printers goes down, we still have a good QB who can move the ball. He was a couple throws away from winning us the game last night.

Exactly, he stood tall in Winnipeg.

Looks like we have a real prospect who is actually developing in Ti-Cat land!

Nice change from the past!

Help me understand something regarding the challenge review of that Winnipeg interception. The referee is making a call based on all possible video replays. Not one I saw showed the best angle the side referee had. He was front and centre and saw the whole thing. He made the call, an uncompleted pass. The head ref should have made the challenged call based on “his? side ref’s view and not what he saw or didn’t see. He basically saying his side judge didn’t make the right call in my mind. Bone head call if I’ve ever seen one this year.

He actually didn't do too bad considering the conditions - wind & first start.

Kevin Glenn threw two interceptions & completed 11 of 29 passes for 184 yards.

Richie Williams threw one interception+1 TD & completed 14 of 25 passes for 152 yards.

We aren’t crucifying Williams because he made some plays and was asked to perform in his first start in horrible conditions.

On the last throw he was hit while throwing into a brutal wind. Considering the conditions and the presuure the ball actually looked like it was a decent throw but at the end you could tell the wind just killed it.

Compare Williams Quarterback rating with that of Maas and you'll see who has performed better at QB - Williams by a wide measure. Considering that Williams has never had the starter's reps at practice and virtually no game time for ages - his performance is astounding.