Yannick Carter

Yannick Carter i have been noticing is making a heck of a lot of tackles on ST it seems like he gets atleast 1 or 2 a game any1 else been noticing his greatness

im just trying to spread the love around to some ST players

for sure,

me and the guys have been really enoying him. he's a beast out there i love hustle players like him

your right, Yannick Carter is great on ST.

Fantastic trade by Mr. O'Billovich :smiley:

im glad people have been noticing him because football is 3 teams and special teams is just as important as offence and defence

its to bad that he probaly wont get a chance to play regulary on defence even though i did see him out on a couple of plays in fridays win against B.C

Carter is amazing for sure. He has even been getting a few reps on D.

Another great player thats here because of Obie.

It was great to watch him with The Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks. I know he could start in a few years. Hopefully still here with the Ti-Cats.

yes, i've noticed yannick also. he's always around the ball, and making some smacks. he's got good speed, range and hustle. he hits hard.
another STer who's doing well is marc beswick. i think he was also a good acquisition (waivers from the 'peg..) another good obie find.

I liked Yannick Carter in Saskatchewan. Played his heart out on special teams. I can't recall if he was the leader in tackles on special teams last season in Sask, but he sure was darn close to it. He became expendable however when we signed Aaron Wagner who was also a special teams beast last season.

Good to hear Carter is still a special teams beast :wink:

Can anyone tell me if he has been getting any playing time at linebacker for the Cats?

I have seen him in there on maybe 3 plays on D this season. He is technically the 3rd string Will LB. He and Mariuz (mostly Mariuz though) rotate in on some D formations with 4 LB.

Alright thanks!

He was in on the play when Knowlton intercepted Pierce. Got in Geroy Simon's way.

he was always a bugger against Mac when they played him. :wink: