Yannick Carter to Play in Calgary this year!

This was on Yannick’s facebook wall today…
“Well it’s official, my time in Hamilton has come to an end. I had many ups and downs but overall a great four years in Steeltown. But sometimes in life change is inevitable and I am very excited for the opportunity to play for the Calgary Stampeders.
I want to thank the fans and the community of Hamilton for welcoming me as one of their own. I had many great times both on and off the field. To the Tiger-Cats, I appreciate the opportunity you gave me. Being able to play week in and week out for a great historic organization in front of friends and family is an opportunity I will forever be thankful for”.

I would like to thanks Yannick for all he did for the Team, city and Fans in Hamilton. I wish him nothing but the best in Calgary! :rockin: :rockin:

Having become friends with Yannick this is sad news to me. He always made time to come and chat with me and he will be missed not only as a player but for his friendship that I'm sure will continue to be there when he comes to town. Thanks for all you did in Hamilton. I'll cherish that jersey of yours that I have.

Great special teamer when he was healthy.

I wish him all the best. He always shows tremendous heart on ST and will be missed.

Great player. Great team guy and very community minded. I was really hoping we'd bring him back. I wish him all the best.