Yank here, opting to follow the CFL

:rockin: I love football. Having watched some games on YouTube the past couple of days I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of football played.

I need a team. I am a bucs fan for the NFL so I don't want a perennial loser(I have one) but I don't want to totally front run either. I tend to really appreciate fundamental sound football. Suggestions?
Oh and can someone more fully explain the rogue point and any other rule minutiae I may not know.

Thank you for your responses in advance.

Ottawa might be a good choice to cheer for. They are a pretty well balanced team at the moment and look to have nothing but upside for the short term. In just their second year in the league (they are a recent expansion team) they made it very close to winning it all. Their fan base also isn’t nearly as annoying as some (though that may change with time).

The downside about the CFL is that just about every team is one QB injury away from turning into the losers you don’t want to get stuck cheering for. Also with the high turnover of top talent to the NFL it is very rare for one team to be able to stay near the top perpetually. Some teams (Calgary) have definitely done better than others though (Winnipeg :cry: ).

Anyway nice to have you aboard. Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the reply. Oh and for clarification, just looking to follow a competent organization that does things right. Mixed results are fine. It's the steady barrage of losing spanning decades that I don't want to repeat. :slight_smile: I will check the Ottawa squad out!

Good man. Welcome to the forum! :thup:

Hamilton Tiger Cats if not the legacy of being the oldest team (yes it is) but for the best owner in the league Bob Young.

Although you may have to look past the perennial loser part somewhat. Lol

Or go with the Argos. They need all the fans they can get.

With regards to the rouge or “single” point, in Canadian football place-kicks and punts are considered live balls which must be returned by the receiving team. A missed field goal (or punt/kick-off) is a live ball and if the receiving team fails to return the ball out of their end-zone, the kicking team is awarded one point.

Punt receiving teams are forced to return the ball as the punter (or any player who is behind the punter when the ball is kicked) can recover the punt with the kicking team taking possession of the ball at that point.

At the line of scrimmage the offence must have 6 players stationary within 1 yd of the line. The remaining 6 players can move in any direction before the snap as long as they don’t cross into the one-yd restraining zone at the LOS.

Once play is whistled in by the ref, teams must complete the offensive play even if no time is left on the clock (I know this confuses many American fans).

On punts, the kicking team must give a 5-yd restraining zone to allow the returner to catch the ball. The kicking team is penalized 15-yds if a tackler has encroached into the 5-yd zone when the returner touches the ball (or a 5-yd penalty if the ball hits the ground before it is returned.) These penalties are in addition to the yardage gained by the returning team.

Many American fans may wonder why Canadian football has such unique rules, are we just trying to be different? In Canada we started off playing English rugby in the 1850’s but soon started to modify and improve the game, like introducing the line-of-scrimmage in 1881 versus the traditional rugby scrum to put the ball into play…and the rest is history!

Good thing you're only looking into Ottawa now then. :oops:

I don't know how deep your connection is to Tampa Bay, but receiver Greg Ellingson is from there, if you're looking for someone specific to follow.

From one Yank to another Welcome to the CFL! The CFL will provide you with great Professional Football, played by Professional Football Players. The Canadian Fans are friendly and always willing to help you understand the CFL.
In the US you can watch all the CFL games on ESPN, some games are televised on one of their channels and if not the game will be on ESPN3.If you get the chance be sure and visit Canada, great Country, and go watch a live CFL game.


The Esks and the Argo between them have won around a third of all Grey Cups, so if you want a decent team that is kind of guaranteed to win at least every 10 years or so, go with one of those two.

On the other hand, it can be a LOT more exciting when a team that rarely wins actually does. There's a couple of teams, Winnipeg and Hamilton, that are overdue to win the Big One, and both have a rich history you might find interesting, but really you can say the same about any team in this old league (except the Redblacks, though there is a long history of football in Ottawa).

Clock rules at the end of each half are different that NFL, and often critical.

"stop time" comes into effect with 3:00 minutes left in the 2nd and 4th quarters. This means that regardless of result, the clock is automatically stopped until the ball is set and the next play is blown in by the official. This means the most time that can be run off the clock after the 3:00 minute warning is 20 seconds (length of the play clock) - making first downs critical and the end of each half a seeming eternity of scoring opportunity. It's the precise reason why the CFL's slogan used to be "No Lead is Safe"

Delay of game after 3:00 = loss of down, not loss of 5 yards.

Oh, another little known rule: You cannot block another player from making a play on a fumble. This is known as "Interference On a Loose Ball" and is a loss of possession (if your team recovers the ball). Another rule, like the Rouge who's origin lays in antiquity.

Check out the Saskatchewan Roughriders, thus a lot of eyes will be on them with the block buster shakeup that took place just after Edmonton won the Grey Cup. Rider Pride - Nation Wide.

Ottawa would be a good choice because you'd be getting in on the ground floor, so to speak. They just re-entered the league last season.

Winnipeg's probably the worst when it comes to drought. They haven't won a Grey Cup in over two decades, and they seem to have a constant revolving door at the QB position. (Sorry, Bombers fans, just being honest.)

Edmonton has recently returned to its winning ways after its own short dark period. They just won the Grey Cup, and are looking to repeat.

There is no Rider Pride in Tigertown.

Infact, we rue your "Nation Wide" Claims, and view the media's claims as Sask being "Canada's Team" as an aberration.

Come in here dear boy Have a Cigar, spin it any way want man! - Rider Nation rides the gravy train.

Sask riders are the most hated meet in the CFL by a mile [hold on guy's] They almost lose every year for the past 100 years.
Yes 100 years as played in the cow patties of Canada. There fans are the worst anywhere. They make Oakland raiders fans look like winners. There organization cheats way more then the Patriots. Come to think off it that's not to bad at all.
They do what they got to do to win. Oh! what the hell gooooggoo okay go Riders Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dunno, I'm thinking Raider fans third deck above the Black Hole make Saskatchewan fans look like Easy Riders. :lol:

reason to cheer for a team

  • like the team name
  • like their colorsuniforms
  • like their home city
  • like certain players on the team
  • like the way the team players
  • closest team geographically to you

my biased picks would be one of Lions Esks Ticats and Redblacks However, the esks are only because of QB, mike reilly.

Wow Thanks for all the responses, especially the rules classifications.

As far as the picking of a team I am not sure how I am going to do that yet. I absolutely love Vancouver, only Canadian city I've been to actually, part of me wants to try and root for the Lions. But there is some appeal to picking up an expansion team.

I may just need to keep reading the forums and watch some more games and pick a team organically. Either way I am stoked.

you could always try to pick a team each game you watch, and the first team you pick and cheer for that wins, becomes your fav team :slight_smile:

Strange situation really. My allegiances in American football were decided for me before I was born. My family has been in the Tampa Bay area for over 100 years, that’s longer than the team lol. And I went to UF, as did my father and siblings, so my college team was sort of handed down as well.

It’s kind of neat the idea of just picking the team I like based on nothing but my own fancy.