Yall starting roster for a CFL vs USFL Friendly

Under CFL Rules who would yall start against the new USFL VS CFL friendly match...Ratio is required on the CFL side

Who's on the USFL side?

The CFL team would have to be the
called Barracudas that day

I wonder who yall would start

Doesn't matter who'd we start we would destroy any team cobbled together by the USFL aka the Useless Football League .

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Do we have to stay true to the Canadian and global ratio? And use cfl roster size?

Make it easy - just send in the Blue Bombers.


I’d play the backups/3rd string Qb’s. I would also encourage the USFL to adopt the aaf territory rules. I would include Mexican and Brazilian leagues. Tournament in February in BC place stadium. FOX sports does the American broadcast.

Backups get played because you don’t want to risk injuries to your starters and you want time to assess your backups. It would be easier to make roster decisions for the regular season. All players get paid the absolute minimum.

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YES NOT GLOBAL JUST AMERICAN/CANADIAN players...What would be your starting roster


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I'm fairly sure he isn't interested in any cross league play at all.

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What a stupid thread . You want us to give you a make believe roster for a make believe game against a make believe league that doesn't even exist . :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


The league exists but we don't know too much about it yet. Leagues exist at the date of corporation not on the first day they play a game etc.