Yall Canadians should admit.....

Us americans are some cool people and when it comes too football from high school,college,too the nfl we know how too throw a party.Man YALL wont admit but we are some cool people.

If you are talking about the party in New Orleans, I would agree with you. Then there are others who come to this forum to troll... :wink:

We are not worthy sandusky, we are not worthy. :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey, Americans do know how to throw a party no question. If we get attacked in North America, we fight together and as one. :thup:

I'm embarassed by my fellow American's remark down there, but hey he is from Ohio so don't get me started ...

You Canadian commenters are too nice too him for that comment, but hey that is how most of you are anyway.

And geez if you really got it you need not flaunt it wherever you are ...but again he's from Ohio and I am not going to get that discussion going about that crowd and a others in some other states like where I live in PA.

When it comes to football, Americans do know how to throw a party… but it’s Canadian who know how to play!

(Well, the Roughriders aside. They’re still learning how many men to field. :stuck_out_tongue: )

The Chief Lord and all:

It's dead and no party here in Philadelphia this week or probably next with more snow on the way, but I am going to have peameal again (yes it's real peameal too not the fake stuff they try to pass off as it) for dinner though am out of beer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mind you I know about parties better than do most Americans by virtue of having lived and worked in Las Vegas for 3 years until I moved to this dreaded place.

They know how to do it in New Orleans though that place is a real dump all-around. Add a few other spots like New York City and Atlanta and Miami and LA too but most of the country is lame in that regard.

The more folks have to brag about their parties, the more insecure they are at the core and the more lame. When you got it it shows and you don't have to boast to Canadians about it on a CFL forum geez! :lol:

United Statesians do know how to throw a great party but as for Pro Football your field is to small, your balls are too small and you've got too many silly rules.

Here are a few things I'm willing to admit:

  1. That the USA is an awesome neighbor to Canada.
  2. I've always felt welcome as a Canadian tourist in The US, whether it was Ohio, Florida or any other state I've either stayed in or passed through.
  3. I always look forward to visiting my timeshare in Kissimmee Fla.
  4. American football is great, but Canadian is a lot more fun, and therefore lots more watchable.
  5. the United States could not possibly have a better neighbor than Canada.


You mean besides you guys getting whipped in two “National” Title games? :lol:

Oh don't get me started The Chief Lord! :lol:

I'm not getting into it here because I don't have to do so notwithstanding acceptable forum conduct.

When someone from anywhere including down here has to ask such a question, they indict themselves. People from hip places in the US like New York, Las Vegas, Honolulu, parts of Southern California, a few others don't ever ask such questions. After all if you don't like those kinds of places, the folks from there could care less and feel better without your interest because they have enough going on. Heck in New York they'll happily invite you to get lost.

I used to get this question on high from folks in Atlanta when I lived there for example. I learned how they were so defensive when I was leaving for no reason I could think other than they were truly insecure about their lame town.

This is the sort of question like from a person who thinks who they are famous or powerful of "Do you know who I am?"

Again, if you have to ask the question, better look in the mirror and ask yourself dozens of times before venturing outward for honest feedback likely to offend you with not what you want to hear and probably what you did not want to know.

"Heck in New York they'll happily invite you to get lost." you think they only do that in N.Y. :twisted:

And the alcohol infested party has what exactly to do with the actual game???

I'm American.....and you're NOT cool! :thdn:

Ditto my commentary below. :roll:

Otherwise Go USA Hockey! :smiley:

Geo come too Ohio where will mea are....You are from I bet EaST COAST state.

Interesting, I would of always thought they spoke English in Ohio! :roll:
Just kidding Sand but I'm not sure what any of that last post was trying to say

I've heard they teach a different brand of English at Ohio State University (minus their arrogant and stupid "The"), so go figure .. :?

/State Rivalries And Homerism

GO USA HOCKEY! :cowboy:

Since this is now a Hockey thread_ Time 2:38 in-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZUin0KsepQ

I guess in Ohio the 'u' is interchangable with the 'b' too.