y'all better watch how you talk about rod black

[url=http://www.melbourneplaygrounds.com.au/melbourneplaygrounds-info.php?id=26760]http://www.melbourneplaygrounds.com.au/ ... p?id=26760[/url]

"Our Ringwood Martial Arts and Taekwondo Club trains under the direction of Chief Instructor Rod Black 8th Dan, who has over 40 years of practical Martial Arts and Taekwondo experience"

I hope this is a joke post. :lol:

.au would indicate so

I would have to think so, but you never know?

Frankly I think Rod calls a good game, certainly makes it sound exciting, might be a little partial to the son's of ex-NFL players like Duron Carter of Montreal son of Chris Carter and others but I think he's just trying to excite the American fan a little about the CFL.

Out of the TSN Crew I believe Chris Cuthbert and Rod Smith are the best at calling games and Glen Suitor and Duane Forde as colour analysts and Rod has done a great job this year taking over at CFL Control, the rest of the panel are neither here nor there for me.

Have to agree that his fixation on certain players is likely an attempted drawing point for certain demographic, it simply needs toned down

Not to be confused with Black Rod, Usher of the Black Rod of the Senate of Canada.

...or RedBlack, a CFL player representing the city of Ottawa. :lol: