Just finished confirming my purchase of 4 Grey Cup tickets. I'm stoked.I feel privileged to be able to witness history being made and see a great exciting football game to boot. Next time I'm in Toronto I'm taking my son to see Rosedale Field, where it all started.

Hotel Booked: Check

Flight Booked: Check

Tickets Purchased: Check!

See ya there!

I only got 2 of the three. I guess i can book the flights any time.
Go Riders

Canadian celebration all the way. :thup: Can't believe I'll be there! Unless I croak or something befoe. :o

I grew up in Rosedale and I played football on Rosedale Field , so if you need any advice on parking [very limited] or what bus to take at ROSEDALE Station , ect... PM , me , please. My mom has a house in , Rosedale very near the field.

I will be going there on Wednesday [May , 30th , 10 : 15 AM] for the 100th Ann. GREY CUP celebration there. :thup:

The Commish , media and Rona will be there to announce some very cool up grades. :cowboy:

Thanks a lot sad. I've been to the field before. I grew up in East York, Parkdale and Weston before I moved north. Can't be there tomorrow, though. I read your other posts on the celebration and wish I could get down.Another time ,maybe. Thanks again!

Congratulations!! I must confess when I saw YAHOO posted, for a second I was sure you were going to say that Michael Bishop had been signed by a CFL team .

Good for you on booking the Grey Cup tickets, just the same :smiley:

No problem :thup:

See ya at the festivities Dan!

Then it probably would have been YYYYYYYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to represent the 7 other teams that would have been saying it. :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I was going to use air miles for my flight. Then I checked the schedule for Alaska Airlines. Since the game is on thanksgiving weekend down here the cost of my flights was through the roof. It would have taken all of my air miles (plus a small cash fee). It was over $1200! :x

So, I decided to check Air Canada instead. Total cost of the return flight? ~$760 US. AND it’s a direct flight from SFO to YYZ. Alaska Air would have take 12 hours to get me there! Now I’ll be there in around 4, for 2/3 of the price.

:thup: Nice work!

I am jealous of all of you who are going! I was at last year's and Vancouver put on a greta show! Was at the last on ein Cow-Town as well. I booked a surfing trip to Hawaii for early 2013 so used my travel budget up on that.....

Should be a great time!

YYZED , is that a RUSH song? :wink: :lol:

It always pays to look around. :cowboy: