Yahoo:Tiger-Cats have to start considering major changes

A radical overhaul in defensive personnel, a new coordinator, a new scheme or all three may be required.

It says a lot about just how bad the Hamilton defence that the Tiger-Cats are 3-7 despite an offence and special teams that have generally ranged from good to dominant

The offence wasn't perfect, but it certainly doesn't seem to be the problem.

You wouldn’t know that if you go by George Cortez’s pre-game comments to Drew Edwards on what’s wrong with the Tiger-Cats, though. He said “The number one thing is that we haven’t scored enough points.” Nope, that isn’t the crucial issue; when you’re already scoring more points than any other team in the league, it seems odd to obsess over offensive specks of imperfection while ignoring the branch embedded in the heart of your defence. Cortez’ background is on the offensive side of the ball, though, so it could be he’s more comfortable thinking of offensive solutions. A head coach has to see his team holistically, though, and it’s clearly the defensive unit that’s holding this squad back. Real, dramatic changes are needed, and if Cortez can’t see that, the looming sword of Damocles may bode poorly for him instead of just his defensive unit.

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Cortez should be fired just for his lack of understanding that there needs to be a defence.

Saw this happening the first day the TiCats hired Cortez as head coach. Cortez is a great offensive mind, but is not head coaching material. In fact, he has never been a headcoach in any professional league in all the time he has spent in football.

What a mess and it will probably get worse.


8) Thanks for that link, Captain.
  An excellent assessment of things going on in TiCat land.  Steve Milton's article also hits the nail on the head.

  Strange isn't it, how reporters and us fans can see the real problems with this team, yet the team fails to acknowedge
  these said problems !!