Yahoo Groups shutting down Dec. 15, 2020

Final Nail in the Coffin for Yahoo Groups Lands Dec. 15

It's been ages since I last went into Yahoo Groups.

If it's any consolation, I don't think the group of yahoos who frequent this site are going anywhere anytime soon. :wink:

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its about time. Tired of those punks doing wheelies on my lawn


Well good-bye because Yahoo! overall has been steaming hot trash since 2010. When you check the record of changes in leadership since then, it's been one team of executive folly after another.

The only good that came out of Yahoo! in the last decade was when lowly Yahoo! Sports broke the University of Miami scandal story to embarrass also those hypocrites and sanctimonious windbags at ESPN, which covered for its favoured sons and daughters due to its status as the mecca in Florida for East Coasters. They knew all along and still know of the extreme corruption that's been at the hands of college sports for two decades now including the exploitation of many players.

Burn in hell Yahoo! after your groups go too now.

Yahoo Finance is the best thing they have going; the rest is such junk by modern standards.