Yah but!

Is it just me or does anybody else feel a bit…concerned, unsettled, queasy about this year’s Cats. Yes I know its preseason and there are vanilla plays everywhere but I just can’t seem to get…that good feeling. Here are my concerns.
Penalties!!! Ever since Greg was coach we seem to lead the league in penalties. Now I would understand it if we had the same coaches, players etc, but we don’t. We have changed a whole slew of coaches. There have been busloads of players come and go over the last several years but we still incur loads of stupid penalties. What gives? Why can other teams get this under control and we can’t?
Secondly, defense. For years Hamilton has been known for its defense. Hamilton’s offense were just the rest of the team that needed to score two touchdowns and a field goal and then other teams were sunk. Last year we had the lowest sacks in the league and in some games if the offense scored 30 points we still were in trouble. What gives? Why can’t we after 5 years build a defense? I hope this year we will be better but the preseason didn’t offer up much to judge by.
Finally, why can’t we get some really good draft beer and lip smacking food for the fans. This way is if things aren’t going good for the team we could all drown our sorrows and feed our pain.

Coach bellefuille has 1 week to fix this. Excuses excuses excuses. Pre-season game 1: it was only the pre-season, we were testing players. pre-season game 2: just testing players again if we lose game 1: ooh it's just game 1 blah blah. if we lose game 2: ooh, we saw an improvement this week so maybe next week. lose game 3: time to trade! and so on. Bottom line: WIN! :cowboy: Don't listen to the opening of the movies on the Ticats.ca website, don't let the tradition continue. Start a new one, make a new dynasty, stop trying to restore things to the way they were. No more 1 good decade 1 bad decade. I wanna see 1 good decade 1 great decade 1 okay decade 1 good decade 1 great decade 1 okay decade and so on.

Fix the penalty problems... They are costing us badly... Take control of your players MB... Discipline them do something... I'd run a lap and laugh at you if that's all you're going to do... Get tough on them...

Yea it was the penalties that were just costly, The team needs discipline now, bust some skulls and make sure they are working like a well oiled machine. The 1st quarter was riddled with penalties to which there was little excuse, bonehead penalties.

The other thing was defence as August stated above and I agree with wholeheartedly. They were again being beaten on coverage all over the field with a few lucky breaks. Where is the pressure? Where is the speed?

8) These stupid, needless, selfish penalties have been the scourge of TiCat teams for 4 or 5 years in a row now !!
  Ron Lancaster, Greg Marshall, Charlie and now Marcel have not been able to stop them despite all their efforts  !!!

  Hopefully Marcel can finally end this ridiculous penalty infested nonsence, but I'm not holding my breath for any rapid change after seeing that last game  !!!