yah about the QB situation

so yah, all of you guys have been saying trade for printers, i know theres been rumours about it but think about it this way, if dickenson ever got injured permanently and they had traded away printers to us, then who do they have as a backup? NO ONE! thats why they are keeping printers, i say trade to Jason Maas, he cant be happy sitting on the bench when he knows he can have stellar seasons somehwere where he is the permanent starter! i say trade Nealon (who has played in edmonton before) Keith and a pick for Jason Maas and another player or pick, what do you Rider fans think?

Cant see BC parting with Printers over Dickenson....I have stated before Maas is the more logical option

see at least someone is smart

why cant Shivers find us our own QB ???
why do we have to trade for someone elses leftovers????

I don’t want Mass. Greene isn’t doin it for me but i don’t like Mass

give Crandell the oportunity to start and lets see what he can do!!!!!!
its painfully obvious that Greene cant get the job done!!!!! its not like were on a 5 game winning streak

you guys should had kept Kevin Glenn

You can say what you want about Maas......5000 passing yards gotta tell you something :slight_smile:

but you huys should had defanitly kept Kevin Glenn hes a very very solid QB and is underrated!

Dentor I concur.

Maas would be exactly what Sask needs. A tough physical guy that goes all out and puts his body on the line - this guy would be a huge hit in Sask. And yes, let's not forget about his throwing for 5000 yards last season.

I don't know what is more the shame here, the fact that last years MVP Printers is not playing, or the fact that Maas is also not playing. As far as Sask goes though, Printers would not want to hang around at the end of the year anyway as he is very likely to go South to check the NFL. At least we know Maas is committed to the CFL.

well you guys could use someone like russ michna from winnipeg hes a very accurate passer, and i like him alot! you guys should had kept either burris, or kevin glenn, you didnt, and well either of them would had been able to be very solid at the QB position for you guys this year, well good luck to you guys hope crandell dose good!

did anybody actually say it was a good idea to trade printers? i seen rumors buy everyone kind of shot them down, i dont want to see Maas go, if Ray gets hurt which is perfectly possible and likely considering its rare for a qb not to for at least a couple of games, i dont want to see anyone else but Maas taking the snaps, big ears and all. Even though id love to see Keith in the green and gold, but lets see how Jenkins works first!


you can't honestly think an all-star QB will foverver be willing to be a backup in Edmonton behind a younger all-star QB, do you?
I mean honestly, I'm not saying Maas is destined to be a Rider at the end of the year.
But what kind of professional athlete, with the credentials of Maas, would be willing to sit on the sidelines the rest of his career?
the same goes for Printers. What kind of young stud QB wants to be a backup forever? they want to play, to start.
At least, that's how I see it.

I don't think either QB will be coming this way - I don't think the Riders could compete with some of the other teams when it comes to their potential salaries. I don't think they're willing to play second fiddle for long, though.

Why would we trade for another QB when we haven't given Crandell a fair shot? Who knows maybe he can get something going on offense if he actually gets to take the #1 reps in practice. There is no need to give someone away for a QB if we don't need one. I'm not saying that we don't need one, but im saying that we haven't found out if we actually do need one.

Nealon in Saskatchewan this year looks like Tracy Ham when he was in Toronto in 1993: the coaches were convincing themselves that they could turn him into a pure pocket-passing QB. Tracy Ham sucked that year until he went to Baltimore the next year, and the coaches let him do what he wanted, and he brought them to the Grey Cup!

How about the Rider coaches take a hint and stop trying to turn Nealon into a pocket passer, and let him improvise on plays? That's what made him win games when he was an Eskimo, and two years ago when the Riders were 11-7. I think if they let him run around for 100 yards a game, and pass when he's comfortable doing it, I bet the Riders would win.

Danny Barret was quoted as saying that Nealon did everything that was asked of him so hes starting the labourday game???????????


Well this has been a good topic, but hear me out, Crandell is doing good now,
but i still think Nealon needs to go, he is to much of a distraction now because there will be a QB contraversy, because Danny will want Nealon to start and everyone will get mad, so if Nealon goes, it doesnt matter for who, might not even have to be a Qb, then i think Riderville will be a better place, Crandell could still be our starter, but it depends who we get

Heres my take on Nealon Greene.....He REALLY REALLY wants to do well with Riders...he spent the off season in Saskatoon....HIS heart is there.. he just doesnt have the talent...He needs a Mentor....

DID anyone happen to see Nealon Jumping up & down screaming after the blocked punt? He really showed me something there.

trade Nealon to Calgary for anybody just to PO Henry