ya know whats really sad

in spite of todays game, last post in the argo forum is sept 29.

Have any argo fans posted at all today???

Are there any Argo fans?

I thought they needed 12 Million from the government to go buy some!

Maybe they have another forum somewhere else, like the Riders used to have.

the Lions have a great other forum site, yet still do ok here.

Must be hockey season.

This one has a four page thread on the game.

The actual Argo webpage doesn't seem to have a link to any forums at all (not even this one). That can't help the post counts.

Speaking of do you know what makes me sad, perhaps this scene will be akin to many a Rider fan in therapy this week:


I am not sure what's up with the Toronto fans on this forum including one regular I can remember ArgoTom who is cool, but I wanted to post to congratulate them in their thread and nothing doing like FYB pointed out! :roll: