ya know what

its too bad ya cant just lock individuals from a topic cause sometimes, but not today, a topic still has value for those not bickering.


Some fans lose objectivity when they get on the internet. Others do not have objectivity to begin with.

and some fans are just plain objectionable :lol: :twisted:

which is something I stongly object about.


Is this topic about yourself


It isn’t about me.
Which is cool.

it isnt about anybody.

It just occurred to me that often an interesting thread is hijacked by two or more bickerers and ends up being locked as a result, even though there are others who would like to still discuss the topic. I figured, too bad that they cant just make it so that certain posters cant post in a topic anymore once they show they are more interested in school yard squabbles than actually discussing the topic.

Sniff and tear! :lol: :lol:

Is it time for me to hijack this thread?

FYB, let's talk about Rob Murphy why don't we...

Fred Perry will kick ROb Murphy's asson Friday :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

:lol: :lol: Hmm I thought they were playing football.

Rob who???

is that kindly Cals son??

IMO, when the bickering starts, it makes more sense to simply edit/delete the offending post. It won’t take to long and the bickering will end…what’s the point if everything they write is automatically deleted? Whereas closing a thread still leaves the crap out there for all to see.

On the political forum (which can get really ugly) that I moderate with a couple of others, that is the direction we decided to go. What we discovered is that those who start, and continue bickering and personal attacks quickly get bored and either grow up, or leave.

...what you are asking for though is for mods to use their judgement in deciding what material is offensive or not...in the past this has been seen by many posters as a stifling of free speech...maybe rightly so in some cases...I'm against arbitrarily erasing someone's thoughts....sure, real hate language or foul in nature is a no brainer, but there is no set rules on when a debate 'gets out of hand'...

This a good way to do it if it's consistent. Another forum I belong to has strict rules about no bs and offenders are banned immediately and re-registering doesn't work there either .

...that would be great but this site doesn't employ strategies like not allowing hotmail or yahoo accounts to simply rejoin...

Red ,someone has to be entrusted to make such judgments. Sure posters may get offended , but more often than not they will be the instigator . I think the majority will be behind you. People do learn to behave when they have to.

I guess there could also be an ignore option that anyone could so that they don't see posts by a particular user. This would make some stuff appear out of context though.