X's and O's for the Cats: What Plays- This Game, This Team?

I'm not a strategy wonk but I do seriously miss the old ticats.ca X's and O's board. I mean, who wants to discuss your team's strategy with people from other boards?

I'm looking for knowledgeable commentators who can look at this team and who might have insight into the 'simplified playbook' that we might be using.

Taking into account the nature of our 'O' Line, Maas' apparent hurts, and issues that the Argos have, what should our primary offensive and defensive sets look like? What plays might be higher percentage for us?

For instance, I believe that the Argos have a good pass defence but I would love to see Vaughn on an 8 yard slant with Morreale doing a 6-7 yd. cross right below him. There are two inside target with an easy read for Maas in order for him to establish some ball control on mid-yardage plays. If we get any pass protection at all then Holmes releasing from the backfield on the side Morreale is going to freezes the linebacker there and gives Morreale the chance to catch it under the coverage.

Let's keep this one going until the game and see how well we did.

Other ideas?

Make plays , execute, no int,s no fumbles, block, , qb scramlling and recievers not flat footed.(come back to line of scrimmage) if broken play. and forget trying for second and short just try to make a first down every play ----Go cats go :rockin:

make it even less complex.
Offense - simple, 5 receiver, 1 back, shotgun spead offense, many quick passes, holmes is the starting RB, ranek is one the bench the entire game, i want holmes getting 15 carries + 7 receptions, radelin comes in on short yardage situations, richie williams is used as a goalline QB to take advantage of his mobility. Mike morrealle is benched, because he has butter fingers.

On Defense, you play a cover 3 defense and keep 3 safeties deep all the time to prevent any big plays. You rush 4 Defensive lineman to increas pressure on the QB and you drop back a few LBs to avoid long passes. You can also have a LB blitzing on 99% of the plays in order to start an attacking zone defense.

On Special Teams- Fleming is gonna punt the ball deep in between the goalline and 10 yards.

i like the options ranek and holmes can give us against Toronto.

two back set would be fun to see again. switching Ranek and Radlien off for eachother. lots of play actions. (if possible.) lots of screens (again, if possible) get Holmes the freakin ball, and get someone blocking for the guy.

again, i wouldn’t mind seeing some more of that double tightend set. especially running the ball. This is a defense that we might jsut FINALLY be able to establish a running game against. which can only make life easier for mr maas back there, especially if he’s still hurting.

its going to be hard without Goss, hopefully Cody will be okay in time for monday.

other than that… well, i’m assuming the six receiver set will come into play with Ronnie calling the plays. hopefully Coach Sal can breathe some live into the oline.

and tahts all i got.

I think the key to the defense is using more LB blitz packages and also to keep the safety in zone for protection against the deep ball.

Offensively, pass the ball mid-range and run the ball up the middle as much as possible. USE LEAD BLOCKING. Avoid sending Radlein out to the side of the line, it is ineffective and clearly hasn't worked all season. Run lots of I form offense and try to run the ball early and often while keeping the D honest by challenging their defense through an arial assault.

On offence theres a couple things we have yet to see that we are used to...

Layering routes, short, intermediate and long. Clear out routes for DJ to come over the middle across the formation. Also using DJ on the quick hitter slant is something Danny used to do well. Using Vaughn on clear out routes wouldnt hurt either as he is dangerous in the open field.

Brock should be more of a seam guy, running the slant or post corner (as much as I hate this route) using his speed.

The main thing I would like to see is moving people around... I think this is a possibility considering we plan on using less plays (apparently), well each receiver is supposed to know what everyone else is doing... meaning on some plays move Ralph to Wideout and Flick to slot... move Flick to wide side and Vaughn to the backfield... etc. Bring Holmes in as a slot in Morreale's roll... those quick 5 yard passes are a way to get him the ball.

As for the running game i would like to see more of Holmes (who doesnt?) carrying the football, but more in a 2 back set with Ranek.

I like the 2 TE idea but dont know if we have the guys to do it... if we can pull it off it would be great to have 2 receivers, Ralph (or Vaughn) and Flick, along with Holmes... this HAS to create matchup issues for the defence.

Those are my thoughts on the offence, as for the Defence?

Learn how to tackle, and quick.

Let's really simplify the offense. The QB draws the play on his hand in the huddle...."you go long, you cut to the right sidelines past the marker, you cut across the middle after 15 yards, the rest of you block somebody" This used to work so well in strret ball as I was growing up. KISS is the motto.

I may have been too sarcastic. It may have sounded like I question the ability of these players to make use of a well defined playbook--including a variety of pass routes, blocking schemes, actually throwing a defense off with an occasional running play, using plays that might allow your team to pick up a first down once in a while. I mean no disrespect, but BLOCK SOMEBODY! CATCH THE BALL!, THROW THE BALL where it can actually be caught!, TACKLE SOMEBODY! RUN TO A HOLE!--there seem to be gaping holes all over the offensive line, try running through one of those...the defenders spend all night running through those same holes. Do I sound frustrated? Boxer

id like throws to the sideline ./Ralph could push them deep and then break to the sidelines for short first down passes . All the while theyll be waiting for him to go deep and maybe he does maybe he doesnt . You can use Vaughn for this as well . He`s the all time leading reciever i say use him !!!!

Re boxer- you are rite the offence talent has been miss used, Really imo the TiCats are going to explode 50 point game on offence this monday :rockin:

Boxer said:

{an excerpt}...BLOCK SOMEBODY! CATCH THE BALL!, THROW THE BALL where it can actually be caught!, TACKLE SOMEBODY! RUN TO A HOLE!...
Those words are along the lines of what Vince Lombardi said, Boxer.

"Some people try to find things in this game that don't exist
but football is only two things - blocking and tackling."

and I agree with both of you.

It would definitely be nice to see some effective blocking. Up front on the line to get ANY running game going and on special teams to get ANY return(especially if they put Hill in the backfield).

Re-Hill- Awsome hill at wideout on one side and flick on the other, stretch that argo D

I wouldn't start Maas at QB based on Lancaster's comments earlier in the week regarding possible career ending injuries. Furthermore, I'd be looking to trade him quickly to get a healthy starter for the o7 season.
I wouldn't start Eakin at QB either, based on his performance thus far this year. (He can't seem to keep the ball out of his opponents hands)
Right now, it appears to me that Williams is the future, either as a starter or a backup depending on which role he can prove himself in.

Since Lancaster will most definitely start Mass, (because this is what Lancaster does) the game plan of two set backs and 2 tight ends appeals to me.

The defense needs to blitz and keep a lot of pressure on Damon Allen and the secondary should play close enough to the receivers to knock down or intercept passes.


That's a lot of rouge and safety points!

RUN THE BALL..every time you make 5-7 yards on 1st Down..run it again.

This will get those Hogs up front snorting and into the game.

If we don't get 5-7 yds on 1st Down,

then, fake the hand off and slide the pocket to the side
for a quick 10+ yard inside button hook, or crossing route
or go for the long ball on a post pattern.

The long ball option must happen EARLY,
at least every 3rd or 4th series,IMHO.

So what if the first couple of long balls are off the target?

Our QB will gradually adjust for errors
and get his long passes to be more accurate
which is critical for late in the game.

and the DBs will be on their heels holding back from coming up
to defend our shorter passes making them easier to complete.

Re -Those words are along the lines
of what Vince Lombardi said, Boxer.

"Some people try to find things in this game that don't exist
but football is only two things - blocking and tackling." this is true, but in CFl stratagy can beat brawn, combine both and we will have a dynasty- and going with deep passes can also move the ball with P.I, calls, ALSo - the onside kick done against al,s should be used every game, instead of long feild gaol attempts or punts,from past midfield(cndn ruger ftball) keep the ball at all costs , imo