Xmas in November--Riders and Bombers in Grey Cup!!


How cool is this. Winnipeg vs. Saskatchewan in the Grey Cup in Toronto. Everyone is loving it. Well, almost everyone (sorry Lions and Argos fans). Seriously, to all have a great Grey Cup week and weekend and wherever you are from VAncouver Island to Nova Scotia to the Arctic enjoy. May your grey cup parties be jolly, and here's to the game being an entertaining one. Wow, the Prairies taking over Toronto- who would have guessed this!!!

Rider and Bomber Pride Nation Wide!! :rockin:

Hello turkeybend. You said it. Rider and Bomber pride Nation wide. I want to watch it slowly if that is possible. It may be a long time before something like this happens again so I want to make it last.

Like I said in previous topics, definately a refreshing matchup for the Grey Cup game. Nice to see the Riders in there for the first time in my life 8)

Just the atmosphere at the skydome, with probably the most passionate fans in the league, in the prairies, and the rivalry between both teams, will make this an instant classic.

Best of luck to both teams, and I pray fora great game, and for no injuries.

Enjoy this week guys!

Should make for a fantastic football game, creating an energetic atmosphere. Although, Glenn's not playing I doubt it being a complete blowout.

Despite all the Rider fans raving over a GC win prematurely, would the predictions for the game be different if Glenn was healthy? Had that been the case, I think the Bombers might actually be just slightly favoured over the Riders.

Anyways goodluck to both teams and their fans!

Anything that brings us closer together such as this does is truely good.


It'll be great celebrating our wonderful game with our backwards brethren of Saskatchewan.

Go Bombers!!