xm satelite radio

i found a portable xm satelite radio at best buy...and before i buy it, i was curious does anyone know if its like a subscription you have to buy with it? like 30 bucks a month or somethign..i heard xm satelite radio you had to buy a subscription with it. kinda like a stelite

Down here in the states, I pay $12 per month for my subscription. Sirius Radio is $9.99.

is it worth it?? lol

Satellite radio's definitely worth it.

I have both Sirius and XM in my truck, and I listen to Sirius 90% of the time. If Sirius Radio didn't exist, I'd tell you XM was phenomenal, but XM's programming is just not as good as Sirius.

XM's portable radios are much better, though, especially the one that records and stores programming. Sirius doesn't have anything comparable to it.

I have XM & its great! Depends on what you like as far which service is best. Some folks rave about Sirius because they have CFL, NFL, NBA & they're going to have NASCAR next year.
XM has MLB, NHL(which Sirius also has) PGA golf, NASCAR (For now),Indy car racing, lots of college football & basketball.
Music channels vary between services somewhat too. Honestly either service is a dramatic improvement over terrestrial radio. Its much like going from rabbit ears to satellite was with tv.

From what I was told you pay for the general package and if you want other services, you have to pay more like it is with satellite tv. If you get it let us know how it is for football.

I already have XM & can tell you you get everything included for the basic monthly subscription. You also get the online streaming service included. Not sure if thsts true with Sirius. You do have to pay extra for additional radios. For instance you would pay $12.99 for the first radio then I think an additional $6.99 for each additional radio.