XFL vs CFL Friendly

You can read the full list right here. As of week 17 there were 33 players on NFL rosters. 14 active and 19 practice squad.

Also, https://www.google.com/amp/s/xflnewshub.com/xfl-news/xfl-sees-29-alumni-signed-to-nfl-futures-contracts/amp/

I've watched 1 XFL game... so heh.

Anyways, let's see if the CFL actually has a season to play this year.

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We know the XFL won't have a season this year. So there

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I still say there is enough talent in America to form a team to beat a CFL team...The Ratio Rule is a killer..How much 4.3 speed is in the CIS compared to the NCAA

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If you are a Canadian with close to 4.3 speed then you are snapped up by the NCAA. Most promising high school players in Canada are scouted and recruited by the NCAA. At least six of the top 11-ranked NCAA schools have Canadians either starting or on their roster.
The CIS recruits what is left and yes the Canadian colleges just don't have the talent. Why do you think the CFL tries to fill the 7 Canadian starter requirement with 5 O-Linemen, 1 receiver and the 1 safety? the other Canadians on the roster go on to special teams.

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The CIS* also cares much more about grades than NCAA does
I would be willing to bet half the kids in NCAA could not even get admitted to a school up here

Canada and USA take a vastly different view on education
(in their defence I do feel the schools in USA have substantially improved since 80s but still a wide gap)

*CIS is antiquated since 2016 just fyi
They rebranded https://usports.ca/en


How do you know if the CIS cares more about grades than the NCAA?
You are telling me that students that get accepted to Harvard or one of the Ivy League Schools or John Hopkins etc ( I could name dozens) that only accept students with high marks and an acceptance exam. You say they wouldn't be admitted up here??
Seriously? most of our kids in Canada can't even fail, they are pushed through they aren't allowed to fail kids.
The US kids must pass or be failed and it's very tough and competitive to get into the top colleges/unis in the US.
It's pretty easy to get into a Canadian uni, you pay your tuition and not as competitive as a US college/uni
If it's so bad in the US, I wonder how where all the high tech companies are getting their grads from? apple, google and the hundreds of other successful US companies, plus NASA?
No don't underestimate the US university system, most have much higher standards especially the private ones, compare to our public universities. Canada doesn't have any private universities.

But my original post I was talking about FOOTBALL, Canadian kids that chose to play football and offered a NCAA scholarship, if they want to pursue a great education they have the option, or they can just concentrate on football, the same as the US NCAA football players.


...NCAA athletes are of course faster than CIS athletes because they are closer to the equator and therefore can take better advantage of the earth’s incredible rotation speed....it’s science man...

Micheal Sams showed how fast he is after winning SEC Defensive player of the year and all American he ran onto a CFL field with a Piano on his back during the game to stop that incredible American 4.9 speed making a mockery of the CFL with that lightning quickness .

They are just too fast .

Jenny Manziel at 4.6 was way too fast for the CFL .

Americans are just naturally way too fast .

I heard their Mcdonalds drive thrus throw the food at you as you drive by at 30 miles an hour .

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Seriously? You throw out Harvard, Ivy League schools, and John Hopkins as "typical" US sports programs?

If it was not clear enough I was referring to major football programs such as those in the state of Florida, Texas, etc. You know, the teams who win consistently.

Also the rhetoric about "kids who can not fail" is absurd and can not be further from the truth. Places like Western have high expectations for admission and as such nearly 90% pass (that still leaves 1 in 10 who fail or never complete degrees). But national average is closer to 60% and the less competitive schools have way worse (Winnipeg last year had a 44% so more kids fail than pass).

The US national graduation rates are way higher than our rates (again because of joke classes and things like sports programs who give kids extra marks for eligibility)

I mean just to throw perspective on this; US college grads reading at Grade 5 level after finishing football scholarship


If you go to a NCAA Division 1 University on a sports scholarship, I believe your “major” is that sport, and the purpose of your education is to attempt a living, and if not, start your career from that sport.

If I have a history scholarship, I would expect to have opportunities in the history profession. If I have a football scholarship, I would expect to have opportunities in football? Is that not okay?


Ya forgot the bribery scandal that Stanford was involved in with Aunt Becky from "Full House" and and former CFLer, Sidoo.

Canadian universities have more integrity to not allow themselves to be bought off like a school like Stanford.

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Major NCAA sports like Football or basketball is about making money for the university .

They get money from media deals ,branding etc ...

Lot's of merchandising of this U or this college going on . You can see it even here with ball caps or shirts of this or that US college .

The athlete gets hopefully a valid degree in something they could actually use and hopefully it's not basket weaving .

There was talk about players being more appropriately compensated for their services especially when the money is lucrative .


The difference is I don't care if the XFL does or doesn't.

So you are saying you have Shingles? They have medication for that. See your doctor. Results may vary

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Alright then you go on back to your sorry league and fix it before trolling this site then while you are at it.

"We ain' come here to play school, man" as the quote goes in top FBS and NCAA basketball programs. The scandals since especially the 1970s are countless and that's only the ones revealed with enough evidence over the years like especially the University of Miami and North Carolina and LSU and SMU and on and on and on.

Ah but you cared enough to comment and tout your sorry-butt league on a CFL forum now, so there's that fact.

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Why not vs the NFL ? It would draw much more interest.If you care to look at my post “Team Canada Football” I created an all Canadian team