XFL vs CFL Friendly

What's in it for the XFL? It's not going to raise their exposure in the US at all, and will probably do nothing in Canada as well.

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nothing in it for the XFL.

it'll show how poor quality that league actually is. There is NO DEPTH. Once you get past four or five players (D and O) you have a bunch of walmart greeters.

But it would be amazing to happen. And if you're going to to do it, do it for max gratification. Play 100% XFL rules and have the 'top' XFL team play the last place CFL team.

Just to rub in how bad the XFL talent actually is. (that way there could be NO question to the quality comparison).

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and what would happen if it backfired and the XFL trounced a CFL team? just giving a hypothetical.

For all this talk of how bad the XFL quality of play is, that didn't stop the NFL from signing 30 or so players this season. Taylor Heneke, the Battle Hawks backup QB did a lights out job taking over in Washington their last 2 games. PJ Walker, Storm Norton, Donald Parham, and Michael Dunn all contributed to their collective teams as well.

Back to the original question though, a friendly does nothing for either league besides wasting time and money. What network stateside or in Canada would even bother showing it honestly?

Why would the CFL lower itself to the XFL by playing them. There's zero upside to CFL.


Exactly and as mentioned before it's a spring league and CFL players are in their off season, most down south somewhere.
This is just another one of the off-season nonsense hypothetical discussions. No one should've commented after the first post but then guys like me have to get their 2 cents in.


that's sports.

Just think it gives the CFL more exposure to A.srto


so would I.

and make it clear. last place CFL team against the "top" (and I say that loosely) XFL team. Just to make it that much more obvious.

I don't know if the CFL team wins....There's alot of talent in America than yall realize.Trust me there's more speed in The XFL than the CFL due to the Ratio Rule

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How can there more speed when there are no teams or obviously any players? Inquiring minds want to know.


Take your XFL propaganda somewhere else Ohio.

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The XFL, as evidenced by this post by yet another homer for it trolling a CFL site, needs this more than the other way around. Go back to your sorry XFL forum. Heh.

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For all this talk of how good the trash XFL is especially by you on this site many times over, you can go to the XFL site and talk it up with your others instead of a CFL site.

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Or. CFL buy an XFL franchise and move it to Canada.

Why would the CFL invest in a failed venture that preceded its own challenges, which are common to all sports leagues, with COVID-19?

No, somebody else high on that crap can throw their money away their with that Rock though maybe he and others will get something out of it for sake of intellectual property values.

Hmm. Figured it would be least expensive and time consuming way to move a team to Atlantic Canada....do now in preparation during the pandemic for when COVID has subsided and league can maybe play again. Just like all sports leagues XFL..likely has one or two weaker teams...revenue problems and fan interest are not unique to Canadian Football teams.

I like it better than the expansion draft format which just weakens all existing teams by siphoning off their depth players and veterans. Worked very well for Montreal when Baltimore relocated. Bringing in an existing XFL team would give a solid core, and being in Atlantic Canada would probably attract a lot of the Quebec/Maritime players as they become free agents? Interesting thought experiment, even if it never happens.

Yes. I thought it makes sense. And it would seem to be the lowest risk approach to settling the Atlantic Canada void. I'm not so sure I Wouldn't contemplate moving an XFL..team to St. John's NFLD....as well as already planned Schooners team. You know.

According to NBC that number reads 4

And even if it was 30; how many CFL players in an average year sign to NFL?