XFL training camps open today

With Camps opening today and tomorrow. Just curious to know if anyone here plans to watch the XFL this spring.

San Antonio Brahmas) have hired Corey Chamblin, Josh Nieswander and Jaime Elizondo.
Vegas Vipers have hired Bob Wylie as Oline coach (as of today still don't have a stadium to play in) Will they practice in a hotel parking lot???
Arlington Renegades have hired Jonathan Himebough as Oline coach.

Sadly, Professor Marc Trestman isn't returning.

I enjoy watching football of all sorts, and I enjoyed watching the XFL when it debuted back in 2020, so I'll be following it closely again this year, same with the USFL.


I created a thread in the Other league forums. hopefully there will be a few fans to chat about the season there. I haven't seen many CFL'ers get drafted, Trey Watson is an Ex-Alouette who was picked up in the supplemental draft and few Americans who have had try out or practice roster spots in 2022 but that's about it.

Ranthony Texada was also taken in the XFL Supplemental Draft. Looks like he was the Alouette DB who wanted out to play in the XFL. My earlier guess of Wes Sutton was wrong.


Je regarderai probablement les matchs de la première semaine mais pas plus. De mémoire la qualité était meilleure que l'AAFL ou la récente version de l'USFL, malgré les interviews des lignes de côtés ridicules ou encore cette perle :

En 2020 je regardais les parties des Vipers pour soutenir Marc Trestman mais là je ne pense pas avoir d'équipe fétiche. Peut-être Seattle pour June Jones.

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I'll check it out this year, what team are you following? I followed the Dallas Renegades during 2020, I'll be picking them back up again.

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I don't know yet. I'll watch a bunch of games in the first couple weeks and see where it goes.

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Surprised on Wylie still coaching he didn't look healthy .