XFL to use CFL's 5 yard "halo" rule; no fair catches

Just found that interesting as the AAF did away with KO entirely.
The XFL is embraccing a CFL to promote returns


I like it ; will make the X game interesting .

IIRC, they used that in their first iteration as well.

Are they going to bring back the scramble for possession?

In the ESPN 30 for 30 about the XFL they said it caused quite a few injuries, so I can’t imagine they would.

No scramble.
The previous version got scrapped half way though XFL 1.0

Great to see using the halo.

The Fait Catch is the most boring play in football

Haha… The 40 yard dash race opposed to coin toss. Lol.

This time around for the XFL. They have identified the one thing that the NFL is lacking doing away with return game kick off or punting. With the current rules.
The AAF doing away with kick offs was a terrible idea.

I actually enjoyed the first incarnation of the XFL and I thought the scramble was awesome.

They wont be going back to the Scramble. Lol.
They are focusing on the return game that the NFL & NCAA lack.
Smarter choice this time around