XFL suspending 2020 season due to coronavirus

Just sayin' ...
(it's not unlike most other professional leagues)

(XFL suspending 2020 season due to coronavirus - 3DownNation)

and then there were none

KHL apparently still running playoffs … who bids highest for “live” action games … TSN or Sportsnet?

I see that XFL players are free to sign with other football leagues .

Pat Lynch (the mature dude)

Actually, what I heard/read was they are free to sign with the ## NFL ## … as was always reported was a clause in the XFL contracts … they can just do it sooner because of the season cancellation … doesn’t help CFL teams unless the XFL folds

Well the bombers just signed an XFL player.
Via 3 down nation report

I may be confusing it with the AAF … or it may depend on the length of individual player contracts.

According to Sportsnet last night on TV, said those XFL players could indeed sign with
any league…including the CFL !!!

All XFL player contracts are for 1 year . The TSN ticker has all players being free to sign with other leagues, including Canada .

Pat Lynch (le vieux)

You mean Jhavonte Dean? Dean was not on an XFL roster at the time he signed with the Bombers. He did attend training camp there but was released and never played a game.

It's dead, Jim. At least for this year. At least they are releasing all players from contract as of Monday.

I wonder who has Nick Holley on their neg list

If Jalen Saunders is healthy, I sure wouldn't mind if he came back to us!
Bralon Addison replaced him, now he could replace Addison! :crazy_face:
XFL players are allowed to sign in the CFL starting today.


He was on Houston's injured list all season.

Aaaaand the XFL is done.


Yup. I don't think the XFL would have lasted....even without the virus situation.
The ratings for many teams were falling even after the first couple of weeks.

I certainly would have predicted that they'd last more than 5 games. The big question in my mind was always, one season or two?

I think they should take their time, think about it for another 19 years just like the last hiatus, and come back stronger than ever in 2039!

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It'll be interesting to see what McMahon does with his WWE enterprise. He lost tens of millions on WrestleMania weekend, the stock is in the tank, and there were already strong rumors he was planning on selling to begin with. Ratings have either been stagnant or declined with empty arenas and of course no revenue from paying crowds and merchandise revenue. This may be the beginning of the end for niche and minor league sports and entertainment

Okay yeah it sounds pretty dead. So strange; I was just talking to a bunch of their employees (my counterparts) last week and everything sounded normal.