XFL releases initial draft pool list which includes former CFL players


Thanks for posting.

where’s Johnny?

Hopefully in Argo double blue next year. ;D ;D ;D ;D

Thanks for posting. The only real loss for a former CFLer I would see on this list is Dexter McCoil, whom we have discussed in the thread about players with potential to return to the CFL from here down south. They have him as a safety, presumably a strong safety, too.

Note that each team will have assigned one quarterback before the draft, and Johnny Manziel is one of those on that list of 8.

Of the other names from quite the pool of mostly never-was’s, has-beens, and idas (look it up), of which I hardly recognize any but a few players with high-profile college resumes, former CFLers, and former AAFers, these are a few that would appear with pro potential. I think some were in NFL camp too:

K Roberto Aguayo
DT Khairi Clark
QB Connor Cook
RB Jonas Gray
CB Ladarius Gunter
DT Courtel Jenkins
OT Korren Kervin

It says the 8 teams will load rosters with 71 players, so that works out to 568 players in camp. I’m not sure how many make each of the 8 teams after camp, but I can’t imagine it’s more than 50 per team.

The article states that there are about 1000 players in the pool.

45…40 was originally flirted

There is a 9th team that makes up the entire leagues PR. no team will have their own PR. Also…PR team players make 5k a week…same minimum pay for playing. 27 are assure making more

I wonder if Brandon Bridge will appear in an XFL camp.
Not only hasnt any CFL team shown any interest in the Free Agent this year.
But I havent seen any news about Brandon Bridge at all.
Where is he at now.
Has he been working out.
I dont think he has even had a media interview or contact.

May the CFL scout this league for perhaps a dozen players other than those who could return like McCoil.

Barring injury, participation won’t preclude many of the very best from having a shot in the CFL.

Johnny? Forget him. I’m looking for fellows who might still be able to play like Bud Grant, Kenny Ploen, Joe Kapp and Willie Fleming.


Johnny? Forget him. Believe me when I say EVERY football fan in CLE exclaims this whenever his name is mentioned. Hated the pick. Hated him at A&M. Enjoyed watching him flame out with the Als. I would not wish him on any fanbase as that seems unnecessarily cruel. They should institute a rule where the committee can take back the Heisman. Btw, did the CFL ever disclose why he was banned? And lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to the True North!!!

He’s eating more of those loaded stadium nachos.

Wow. Trestman matched with Jerry Glanville?! Well that sounds alright given their vast experience.

If they are playing in St. Petersburg at Tropicana Field, well good luck because that’s a miserable location lest you live in St. Pete and the Rays don’t draw there already.

In additon of the known names, Bert Hill and Billy Parkers were with the Alouettes last year before being tossed up by the football op’s cap.

The first day of two is tomorrow 15 October. Here’s a summary of the format. Any real news from its draft will be tomorrow.

For the Xfl Tampa Franchise they have been scheduled to play at Raymong James Stadium.
Home to The NFL Buccaneers & the NCAA South Folorida bulls.
Idk if something has changed that cause them to relocate to the Trop. In St Pete.

With the Texas Rangers moving to a brande new Stadium in Arlington for the 2020 MLB season.
The Dallas Renadades are scheduled to play in globe life park baseball stadium in Arlingto where the MLB Rangers has called home for alot of years.
Last article I read was XFL was having trouble securing the site. With the expectstion that globe life park in Arlington will be transformed into a foitball stadium

Well if they are playing at Raymond James that is a huge positive.

And in Arlington Texas, well, we’ve read some of the comments from folks who have watched football games in a baseball stadium.

The last such dual-use stadium in use in the NFL is Oakland-Alamada County Coliseum, which is in its last scheduled season given the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas.

And we’ve seen already the last scheduled NFL game with the baseball infield still intact already, which is a great throwback to what used to be the norm.

The big question will be how full the the stadium be at Raymond James stade in Tampa.
They already have a scaled down version of the stadium for USF bulls but still that is even up to 40K.
In NYC. Playing at the Meadowlands home of Giants & Jets NFL. in feb. Where it will be freezing temps.
How many people will want to attend.
Especially when the Greater NYC metro already has
3 NHL teams
2 NBA teams.
Plus Big East college Bball with St Johns. Seton Hall.
& now Big 10 basketball at Rutgers