XFL Players free after may 13th 2023

So I was looking at the XFL schedule
It's only a 10-week season plus playoffs
So it's possible that those players will be free as the CFL is kicking off week one
Those players could be available later in the season for CFL rosters
What are anyone's thoughts

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How do the XFL contracts work? My understanding of the USFL ones are players can be let out early for NFL tryouts but not for the CFL. So a two year USFL contract if that’s even a thing means guys won’t come back. I’d have to read up on how the XFL ones are set up.

I would be a little nervous about bringing in a player who had just played a 10 game season plus playoffs to play an 18 game season plus potential playoffs. Not may bodies out there that can play a nearly 30 game season. I would also expect that if they had a 1 year XFL contract in '23 and finished that season successfully, they would likely want to sign down there again in'24. I would insist on a two-year deal up front. I would do this to protect my investment in any such player by limiting the hits on their body.

Assuming the players have one year deals
You're right it might be hard for them to do an 18-game CFL season
But if I were them I wouldn't sign a two-year deal with any CFL team
I do a one year but that's it

If I were a player, I agree that is what I would try to do. If I were the GM, I'd insist on two or play somewhere else. I don't see these players as irreplaceable.

They could always go play in USFL if the CFL Teams say no to a 1 year deal

I would agree that bringing players over who just finished playing 10 games to now play an additional 18ish games would be questionable but would most definitely scout them just in case during the season a CFL team needs someone to fill in for an injured or a player who was cut, especially in the second half of the season.

I've seen two XFL games so far, pretty good football considering it is game one in full competition.

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