XFL- NFL Deal: A Danger?

It doesn't include player development but would seem to strengthen the XFL's position.

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It's a small agreement, we'll see if the XFL plays this year.


The NFLPA will put a kibosh on the XFL getting NFL players just like it denied the AAF citing potential over extension of players being injured.

Does include player development in a way by giving them a place to play and be coached. Players need game reps.

The XFL statement never mentioned of the NFL allocating players to it's league. It's a relationship based on rules, technology, referee and coaching development

No players allocated but an increased pool to draw from was my point.

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We have no idea what this agreement is at this point.

But I wouldn't want to be the USFL right now.

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The Fox USFL is to begin in April of 2022 . The XFL is dormant till at least next year .

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Well they won't as kickoff isn't until February 2023

Long term the XFL will be seen as the more professional of the 2 given any partnership with the NFL.

And we've already seen there isn't room for 1 alternative league let alone 2.

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I didn't want to make a thread about the USFL, so I'm going to add this here.
Apparently a "college-educated" football player UNDER CONTRACT with the Stamps, got drafted by a USFL team (which violated the agreement with the CFL regarding honouring existing contracts - which the USFL rectified when they realized their mistake).
This "college-educated" football player thinks that it's unfair that Calgary didn't release him for entry into the USFL. I guess this "college-educated" football player didn't study contract law in "college": Former NFL defensive back Derrick Jones calls out Stampeders for 'unprofessional' conduct barring him from USFL - 3DownNation

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And here's what I think is a pretty good article on why an American draft wouldn't work up here: Hold the USFL envy: why an American CFL draft isn't a smart idea - 3DownNation

Abbot is slightly wrong. He earlier had an article on players that have been on CFL team's negotiation list the longest. There was one guy that was on the list for 6 years, you don't even stay on no-fly lists for that long.

The negotiation list should be transparent. The list/draft should be ran like a fantasy draft. We can all laugh on who added the Blake Bortles, Blaine Gabberts and Mike Glennon of the world

Transparency..... That's funny