XFL Invasion ---

It looks like the XFL was the more serious partner in the alleged merger talks

A few media sources are now discussing whether XFL will relaunch with teams in Canadian cities (esp as MLSE / Toronto seemed to be very much behind the merger push and both Montreal & BC are hurting)

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Why another XFL thread?

Not that it's a player in the outcome but The government bill which didn't pass did seem to state not during the CFL season with direct competition .

Again not that I am in favour of it but

The XFL will not be playing during a CFL season and is not in direct competition unless they change schedules .....

unlike the NFL which is actually influencing our CFL's viability to be profitable with the broadcaster's conflict of interest with advertising dollars on football Sunday .

Unless they are paying the CFL a huge dividend which is the ARGOS survival and maybe that's the rub with MLSE involvement in the league .

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It will be the first invasion the Rock will actually take part in

It can't be any worse.......lol