XFL done with no plans to return?

/Chuckles - well then I am ok here FYB, but how's that working out for you with your family!?

A few lick their wounds who are not beating this dead horse, and the rest of us have moved on.

In an economic boom there are always many new pro sports leagues, and those are also the first to fail.

The cycle repeats in the next boom. In leagues like MLS, some teams will fail and in the NHL, NBA and MLB , the leagues might step in to salvage or move a team akin to the Coyotes, Pelicans or Rays (see associated thread) respectively.

Gone for good it seems and not just for the 2020 season.


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Well from also the sharply downward TV ratings, I had figured the XFL would be headed to zero anyway.

The best case would have been an adamant and narcissistic McMahon winning some sort of nasty proxy fight with shareholders and investors to go forth and gamble anew on season two.

Even I did not want the XFL to end like that after having given it a chance for 2 weeks.

Even the lowly AAF went down at least with a signature moment of suck when the Legend of Johnny Nacho was born.

I actually enjoyed the XFL. Some of the tweaks were pretty cool for sure. If it were to have tried a second season I think they would have needed to move a few teams into new markets for sure.


Oh yes some of those tweaks I did enjoy too. And some are worth studying from the film for consideration of future rules changes.

:sunglasses: What does it mean if the smell of your own gas is really rank, and you yourself can't stand the smell of it ??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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you are probably safe for now :slight_smile:

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Well to the contrary, I am going to advise that if even your own smell makes you wince, caution is heavily advised.

And FYB next time you best check if you triggered a mild seismic and/or nuclear event as well.

Kickoffs was my favourite ... no kicked converts was another

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My favourite was being able to listen in to the video review guy.

What I really didn't like was the mic'd up coaches and QBs (we don't know the meaning of the various code words they use so what's the point?), that's really overdone, and I also found the frequent sideline interviews annoying.


Too much sauerkraut. :laughing:

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Daddy puts it in your account, and hires people to protect it from you.:grinning:

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...but follow the logic there Palmer: if a billionaire gives his idiot son billions, then he's an idiot as well, but how did he get to be a billionaire then? it's a logic loop...

...reminds me of a funny story: some rap star (can't remember who it was) commented that after the first million, the other millions simply roll in...a reporter asked Warren Buffet if this were true, to which he commented 'Oh yes, that is entirely true......wait a moment, did the fellow say 'millions'...oh, haha, that's so cute'...

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I suppose not every billionaire figured out how to "take it with him/her" and rather than leave it to the government to spend on his/her behalf, decides to give to an "idiot son"? But then, I don't live (unfortunately) in that rarified atmosphere.

Hey! Maybe I was a disinherited idiot son!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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