XFL/CFL Poll: What Is The Rock's Best Work?

Pick Two

Pick 2: What is The Rock's Best Work?
  • Walking Tall
  • WWE Smackdown, Raw, Wrestlemania
  • Moana: Maui "You're Welcome"
  • Ballers
  • Fast and Furious
  • Jumanji
  • "Meh, He Bores Me"
  • The Mummy
  • San Andreas

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I'm going with his work in wrestling....maybe because I watched it near religiously back then

Without it (from his Nation of Domination stable era onwards), I don't think he gets noticed for everything afterwards

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Voted for his wrestling career, and “The Mummy”. Maybe “San Andreas” was a better movie, but his character wasn’t as cool.

Like him best in Faster a dark character


Here's an old scoop from an early high budget box office bust performance called 'The Scorpion King" that I deliberately left off this poll.

Did anybody see that one? I decided to believe the dreadful reviews. Was it that terrible?

But how talented was The Rock almost two decades ago not long outside the ring?

I had heard they made up some language for his role and that is what he spoke convincingly for this role, and he did his own stunts too!

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I’m going rogue and say The Tooth Fairy or The Game Plan. Good movies to see with the little ones.

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I havent seen all of his stuff, and I don't expect him to get any awards, but I have liked everything I have seen. Cant pick one over the rest.

The People's eyebrow/strudel

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Lillian Garcia was so ready for the strudel lol.

Those were the days of the WWF Attitude Era. Never to happen again.

His daily bowel movement shitting out al that HGH, Viagra and in his rudi-poo

being a businessman. Dreadful "actor"

I see that not one or many of the XFL people in our presence have voted yet. What, you are not backing The Rock now?


This cannot end on a draw. Thou shall not pass!

Ah well TMI, it happens, obladee obladah ...

I saw The Scorpion King at a cinema during its opening week. I enjoyed the movie for what it is: a loud, silly action movie.

The Fast and Furious spinoff "Shaw & Hobbes" (starring Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson & Vanessa Kirby) is very entertaining. I highly recommend it.

I also liked Jumanji: The Next Level from 2019 more than the 1990s original and Jumanji: Into The Jungle 2017.

Are you seriously asking if Scorpion King was terrible?
Yes it was
(to be fair that entire SERIES of films were really bad so it wasn't just a Rock issue)

Rocks entire career has really been wrong place wrong time

Most wrestling fans missed his best days as that was when WCW was #1

He is not a bad actor just been in bad roles
(you left off lots of his filmography though; Be Cool, Doom, Central Intelligence, Rampage, Baywatch, GI Joe, Transformers, ...)

Actually after glancing through IMDB

I will argue that stupid comedy Central Intelligence is by far his best work
Its well worth a watch if you never saw it

Oh I agree with you on this point. I am simply not a big movie buff at all so I have not seen most of his stuff or that of almost any other actor or actress for that matter but for a choice few names.

For the stuff that is noted to be really bad or just dumb, I deliberately left it off and you gave some examples.

All you new XFL people want to weigh in here too?

There are two nights of Wrestlemania on this weekend for you wrestling fans. This is the announcement for viewers in the US, which to be clear I am not.

Fans of The Rock hiding on here, should he be involved? Anyway, vote and rant away. It's free.