XFL-CFL Merger? XFL Markcast podcasters talk with Jim Mullin

Well I'd like to see 12 teams in Canada, adding Halifax, Quebec City and London/Kitchener.

Would like to see two franchises in Mexico with Monterrey and Mexico City.

Then with 16 locations in the US to round us out at 30 teams in North America. Then add 5 in South America where grid iron is picking up steam and then perhaps 5 in Europe.

Total 40 team league by 2040, a 40 by 40 plan. With 5 team divisions this is very logistically feasible. With an 18 game season 8 games are within your own division assuming you play each one twice. That leaves 10 games allowing you to play two other full divisions, of which only half would be away games. Ultimately meaning on 5 games a season would you be looking at any kind of significant travel.

Let's get to 9 stable Canadian franchises first and then add a 10th team most likely Quebec City even though they haven't expressed any interest as of yet.

Halifax should be shelved indefinitely and never should be considered as an future team again.

Clearly they don't want a CFL franchise.


Years ago we had Quebec City threads for both the CFL and the NHL. And I have not kept up with what is going on there, but my understanding was that for sake of both there was some strong political opposition to CFL expansion there and to bringing an ailing loser team like Arizona to a winning town for hockey.

We know Bettman's hand has been involved in the latter for his beloved Arizona Coyote Craps, but wasn't there some local opposition as well?

My understanding that it is Montreal that blocks Quebec City on the CFL front, as for NHL I thought they are building a really nice new arena there to attract an NHL team. I think they'd take the Coyotes, they certainly can't get worse and maybe with some avid fans would improve.

But never understood why the CFL has not pursued Quebec City, already has a stadium and is a much larger media market than Halifax, besides creating natural rivalry with the Ontario teams and in particular Montreal.


Quebec City's stadium is owned by Laval U. It's well undersized for the CFL (it's expandable to 18K) but more importantly, Laval sees the CFL as a competitor so would never give a good enough lease for one to work.

Agreed it's a larger media market but Halifax expands the footprint better if the city and province ever decides that they want a stadium

Well even at only 18K it seems to me it's time when it's time for the CFL just to go it alone and there is no need to deal with that university either until after the CFL does its own deal.

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If they have a willing partner in the city or province then maybe. I'm not sure if there is political motivation for something new.

Which is too bad. Both the CFL and CPL could set up shot and it won't need to be an NHL spec like situation. Granted the city was looking to replace Le Colisee anyways


Quebec City has become largely a college football town with all of Laval’s success over the last 15-20 years. They support that program big time, fans travel in big numbers to Vanier Cups and from what I’ve seen and read on these forums over the years, I don’t think there’s a lot of local interest or support for a CFL franchise there. As Mighty goose said, it would likely be seen as a competitor to Laval, right or wrong.

But would Laval be willing to partner up with a Quebec City expansion group to obtain a new stadium. The stadium that Laval currently plays in is outdated and run down, Both the CFL and College team benefit with a new facility. The old stadium could be used as a practice faility for both the Quebec team and Laval team.

Laval is being shortsighted and selfish in not working with a professional expansion team. It a win-win situation, but they are turning it to a losing proposition.

Maybe the stadium could get a soccer tenant in the stadium for more revenue stream for both properties

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If Southern Ontarians keep moving here that will certainly become true.

If they could find an interested partner, sure that would be ideal. I don’t know much about that stadium but from what I’ve seen, it’s not so terrible, close to 20000 capacity. They could probably renovate and add corporate boxes and club suites on one side with maybe an added deck of seats for a fraction of what a new building would cost.

Imagine what a Montreal - Quebec City rivalry could be, especially a home and home weekend around Labour Day to rival those out west and Ham-Tor. Pair it up with Laval and U of M opening weekend. Ottawa would also make a nice pairing but not sure how other teams would fare there.

But lots of groundwork ahead to first find a partner who’s even interested in shelling out for something like this. And the league wasn’t exactly
friendly to the local investors in Montreal when it came time to sell the Alouettes. Think they would have a difficult time getting anybody local interested.

If the league ever were to split off in a merger with the XFL, then maybe a more Canadian centric league like the CPL or CEBL, playing in smaller cities and stadiums might emerge. Hire more local players with maybe 3-5 American or global imports. Then I could see teams added in Quebec City, London, Windsor, Saskatoon, Victoria, Halifax etc etc. It has been brought up here a few times by other posters.

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Montreal (under the previous ownership anyway) were super interested in Quebec City going back to the Larry Smith days.

There were 3 issues...Laval's boosters (sponsors) were not interested. They like their little cash cow and didn't want to lose it, and the Feds would not agree to find the stadium expansion. And none of them would budge, so it died.

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I suggested a willing partner in Pittsburgh Penguins' Mario Lemieux and his fellow owner Ron Burkle in another expansion thread. Lemieux is a Quebec iconic hero, worth 250 million, while his fellow owner is worth 2 billion. Burkle was involved in a MLS expansion team in Sacramento but pulled out because of the Pandemic. Both of them could easily put together an ownership group. It would be very hard for the Quebec Gov't to refuse partial funding on a stadium fora favorite son. Maybe tell Mario that Wayne has his name etched on both the Grey Cup and Stanley to motivate him in such a venture