XFL-CFL Merger? XFL Markcast podcasters talk with Jim Mullin

Curious to get thoughts on this XFL pod cast, actually one of the better ones that isn't click bait and interview Jim Mullin.

OMG when will it stop as a previous poster called these persons "The Remember When Generation" please please the CFL needs to get modern.......... The same old same old

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There is absolutely no way you listened to that pod cast, none, like not actually possible. How about you try again after you listen to it.

Very interesting conversation with Mullin, not exactly a nobody in the CFL sphere. These XFL pod caster don't engage in click bait and call out others who do, that and they express the opinion of many of us south of the border, that the XFL fans would actually happily embrace Canadian rules, even 3 downs because we actually like the idea of being very distinct from the NFL.

This way no one will be able to accuse the XFL of being NFL lite, which if we're honest if what folks in US think of the XFL they wont succeed. So about you give this a fair shot and listen to pod cast, as I would like to hear your thoughts on the comments from Mullin and the feeling of the XFL fans of the CFL. Like Mullin helped explain the ratio to them and why it is important to many Canadians, it made sense to them, gives the kind of ground work for getting folks to see things a new light.

Actually listen to it and let me know what you think, rather than just dismiss out of hand because the idea of any change at all to the CFL is something you can't stand like some kind of toddler. I am sick of you folks who would rather see the league totally die than change one damn thing, like some kind of kid who is not happy so took the ball from everyone else and went home.

When you're ready to join the grown ups in having a honest conversation and about the things discussed in that pod cast in particular with Mullin please post a reply.

Congrats to Jim, he was able to be congenial without taking shots at the CFL and his country. That's a MAN!

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Okay there we go. I get the impression then Jim is not universally loved by CFL fans? Why not?

I am curious since I not up to speed on the politics of the amateur association with the CFL?

But I thought he made some interesting points and voiced a lot of the concerns that I've heard on these boards about possible merger. Why I love the smart season concept as bridge to give both sides time to see if merger is really the smart play.

Jim was a total PRO and Patriot.


Thanks for the link to this.

I thought the podcast was well done. Hosts seemed open to new ideas, didn’t insult fans of either league and were open to borrowing CFL rules.

Jim Mullin voiced Canadian fans’ concerns well and conveyed the emotional attachment to the league.

I’m not convinced that a lot of the Canadian rules would survive a full scale merger, but if you have rational people from both leagues that present ideas the way these guys did, then maybe this thing could work in some way.


Mark is very cool, his sidekick has completely changed attitude in the last couple podcasts (for the better). They are true fans and did that podcasts religiously before there was even an XFL back playing.


When you compare these guys to Pedersen’s buffoon buddy Pat McAfee, it’s like night and day. Sadly too much of sports talk radio is guys like McAfee and his crew, like listening to nails in a chalkboard.


They all want to be Shock Jocks. Everybody has a show now. All you need is a 100 dollar microphone, a laptop and a kid who can make a couple digital graphics.


Appreciate everyone's feedback, this is Reid from XFLMark! If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to send them along or you can find me on Twitter @xflmark. Thank and take care!

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Also my co-host Paul wants to know which one everyone thinks is "Mark" and which one is the sidekick. :rofl:

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Curious as to who you think is the sidekick that needed an attitude change?

Great show with great guest content. I think there is a lot of synergy to be had between CFL and XFL. I hope CFL fans keep an open mind, there smart ways both sets of fans can walk away happy, there are ways for both leagues to make pseudo merger work and keep much of rules of each.

I hope CFL fans will watch some of the other interviews and keep an open mind. Great YouTube news content with a lot of CFL folks.

I predicted all this would come to pass back in 2019, am hopeful it has a positive ending which is within the CFLs power to make happen if folks stay open.

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For sure! Appreciate your feedback!!

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According to Rod Petersen, he got a tip from his "insider" saying that MLSE is the driving force behind these "talks".

No surprise there. Expect MLSE to sell out traditional CFL fans and 3 down football. Rugby and USPORTs here I come

Just like a good marvel series, the villain has been in front of everyone's view the whole time and predicable.

It was MLSE all along :smiley:

Meh! I'm more a DC fan then Marvel guy

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See ya, the rest of us will be watching the new CFL with all of the thousand of new young fans. Some excitement back in CFL stadiums with young people chanting and waving flags, just like a MLS game.

But seriously, why don't you wait to see what happens instead of listening to second hand talk from a Pederson rumor.

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Not a problem I won't be part of a sellout of Canadiana. Enjoy you boring, watered down, Yankee football. I support Canadian traditions.

MLSE have made behind the scene moves already. MLSE renewed Toronto FC and Argos president Bill Manning to a 5 year contract extension. I surmise that he is going to replace Randy Ambrosie as CFL Commissioner once all these "talks" are finalized. MLSE got board member Lastman to get Speigel and Stern to buy the Alouettes for voting power of a future merger(which is now happening)

You are going to see Red Bird buy the BC Lions then MLSE move the Argos, Alouettes and Lions into the XFL. The rest of the CFL teams will be acquired by RB, then be moved to the US as XFL teams, lock stock and barrel. Six of the nine CFL markets will left out in the cold because RB considers them "small potatoes" in their predatory takeover of the CFL. This is what capital hedge fund managers do. Nothing good comes out of negotiations with cold hearted parasites