XFL Begins Feb 8

The Defenders , Guardians , Battlehawks , Vipers , Renegades , Roughnecks , Wildcats, and Dragons

start play on Fox , ABC, and ESPN . The championship game is scheduled for April 26 .

It’s football that might get us through the winter :).

Perhaps the June Jones coached and managed Houston Roughnecks will be a local favourite for Cat

fans , if the league doesn’t collapse again .

Pat Lynch (not a fan of winter)

And, Now for something completely different! :o

Go Roughnecks!
Team 9 looks tough though!

they will be done one after 1 season

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… Or less.

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Feb until April?

Seems like an anti-climax so soon after the Super Bowl. Can’t see the XFL lasting very long.

I’m sure that they’ll get great crowds in NY playing in February . ::slight_smile:

I will have to tune in, But February, and football, + outside, whats wrong with this picture,

And on the West Coast I’m sure that people will just love sitting in this to watch some football in February and March . ::slight_smile:

The new XFL might mirror the career longevity of a 2017 Tiger-Cat who is now a 2020 XFLer. Will Hill III is set to play for the XFL’s St Louis Whatevers. Hill was and maybe still is a fantastic football player who could take a game into his own hands, but his behaviour on-field and off was always pretty out-of-bounds. In his CFL debut, he blocked two Argo field goals, one of which Richard Leonard took to the house, but maybe two games later, he slugged an opponent and grabbed a ref by his shirt. Hill played six or so games for Hamilton.

Everyone knows this league will be short lived.

There must be a logical reason why Vince McMahon would (for the second time) throw his money down the toilet to pursue this. Perhaps some sort of tax write off?

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Oh yes. Especially choosing Met Life Stadium as the stadium for the New York team.
Red Bull stadium home of the MLS Redbulls would have been the better option.
Similar to what the Washington team did by playing in the new DC United of the MLS as home Stadium expect that should the XFL actually last more than one season expect the NYC team to be the first to move to a new Venue or out of the NYC Northern home altogether.

Don’t really know if anybody is interested or not but if you are there are a number of former Cats that are now going to be plying their trade in this new league . The majority of them weren’t here for very long (some for barely a cup of coffee) and few will be remembered . It’s a pretty safe bet to say that the vast majority of them would have no chance of making this team if they tried out for this years Ti-Cat training camp .

Here is the list (some familiar names but most of them very forgettable )

Dallas : Josh Crockett - wr
D.C. : Malcolm Bunche - ot
Houston : Sergio Castillo - k / Demetrius Rhaney - c / Isiame Fasciane - ot / Kelvin Palmer - ot / Jalen Saunders - wr (il)
L.A. : Jerome Couplins - s/lb
N.Y. : Ryan Mueller - lb/de
St.L : Will Hill - db
Sea : William Campbell - ot / Quinterrius Eatmon - ot
T.B. : DeMonte Hurst - db / Terrence Plummer - lb / Luca Wacha - lb / Nikita Whitlock - dt / Bobby Richardson - de / Jason Neill - de

Jalen Saunders 8)


Saunders and Castillo would probably be the only two on my list that would have a decent shot at making the team this year . As for the others ? Well all I can say is the less said the better . Hopefully they all get decent jobs when the league folds .


Jeebus! That pic looks like Dracula “conceived” with Warren Beatty! And then the baby went for hair plugs!

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Well players need a paycheck as well as updated film. This is one thing that the XFL can offer them. Likely the most important thing the XFL will be providing.

I expect to see Saunders back in the CFL sooner than later.

I wish them all well, To continue the dream of playing Pro Football, don’t want to sound all suck’y but nothing wrong with chasing a dream man, just say’n

I’m looking forward to it.
Watch this video to see the rule changeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDD6OtNUzig

Vince McMahon says he is willing to burn through $500,000,000 and that would fund the league for 2 years.

I would be surprised if it lasts longer then that , but it should last through at least one full season.