XFL back in 2020

Vince McMahon is gonna give it another shot. Anyone out there think it's got a chance this time?

Wasn't there already a thread on this? The American alliance of football is coming out a year before it, so this time the XFL might not even get off the ground.

Go Battlehawks! Let's show everyone what a great football town STL is and if the XFL fails, maybe the CFL will give us a look :Dg

You're not wrong.

Only deeper pockets and mounting losses I figure will save the XFL after one season not success. Also don't underestimate Vince McMahon's ego.

Wouldn't that be great - now there is that problem of American labour law though! Damnit!

A chance yes as much as his pockets are deep. He might be able to let things bleed longer this time. I predict the same ultimate result minus Johnny Nacho eating behind the end zone on the last Sunday of games.

I really wish one of these leagues would work for no other reason than to have more football to watch. But I'm afraid the time may have passed for starting up pro leagues. There is too much money in the established ones. Even if the XFL does find some star talent, how do they keep it after a year or two?

Being a great football town is not the issue here. Expanding to St. Louis would be way beyond the money the league is willing to spend to grow the game. CFL is just not popular in the US which means the risk of losing tons of moeny is too high.

yeah, that is a problem. Damn it anyway :frowning:

Since Vince Mc. Already has a multi zillion dollar sports enterprise that have spurred several other business and sports venture. Is the reason it will last at least the season.
Im quite sure he already has his board of business people, Laywers, etc. That have the dollars to eat at least for one season. AAF
was ran by what seemed to be alot of great football people.
I could be very wrong, as I often am. Lol.
Im petty sure the XFL has good football people well
As Well as the AAF. Good business people as well.
Imagine if they got together.
& United there strengths.

As to how these leagues compare to the CFL......
These leagues arent even close.
The player salaries are at the very least comparable.
The big difference is the CFL has been around for eons.
Since the time of the modern era of Pro Football started in like the 40's or watever.
The CFL still stands thru thick or thin.
As well players get paid teams may fold up shop, move, owners go bankrupt.
Payroll is still met. & the Cfl finish every season.
Albeit, for pissibily a small % of circumstances.

Thru McXFLs latest launch. They Wrestling enterprise makes alot of $$$$$$$$$ from some top Network sports coverage.
The Latest being FOX.
Hense why you see XFL on major Networks main channels. ABC/ESPN & the FOX/FSports.
JMO on this. But I dont think its a coincidence that it is ABC/ESPN and FOX.
all Networks teamup to cover different big time sports.
ABC/ESPN and Fox seem to team up and cover more together.
American Football and NCAA sports they are one of many Networks.
MLB. Its Fox and ESPN with a spinkle of Turner.
MLS. FOX and ESPN with a sprinkle NBC Sprtsnet Regional coverage.
Just as few examples.

So while XFL isnt getting paid for having the games on said networks.
I beleive that both of said networks broadcasting the games on their networks dimes. At no cost to the XFL.
Which is interesting & very helpful. Should it be the case.

That is a great question.
There can really only be one top dog league in a country.
How do they survive as a secondary league.

Which I dont think is much different than the CFL.
The CFL is much different.
In the World there can only be one top dog league in the World.
The CFL is a Canadian Pro football league. Unfortunately the top league in the world happens to border the CFL in The NFL.
Which brings out the mis nomar that the CFL
is a
"Minor League" to the NFL.
The CFL is by FAR the 2nd best gridiron pro football league in the WORLD.
The fact is the CFL is not even close to salaries between the two leagues.
So while it may not be so popular or ideal. The CFL is making the smart play by not denying players from looking to get a substancial raise.
By keeping the door open for players to return.
Thats just the quick overview of that.

The NHL spans both Canada and the US. Now the US has many more teams. But the US is bigger in population and size and markets to support a pro teams.

Back on XFL. The approach seems correct, so far.
In pro football(as in other pro sports)
The Day of the AFL (American Football League of the 1960s)
Saw that there were big growing or grown cities that could support a pro football team and sustain success & finances.
The era of the upstart leagues that end in merger ended in the 1970s.
USFL was a ploy by agents to open up free agencies and the NFL owners profits to the players.
Not built to last. But it did begin free agency as we know it players getting their share of the pie. Etc.
Which led to the salary cap system.
Startup Leagues biggest mistake is trying to give the NFL what they dont want or really need a minor league to the NFL.
XFL at least for now has made it clear. Thats not what they want. At least so far.
There is alot more to it. Of course. But i will end it at that

Good point. Leagues are far too developed now for rivals to make serious inroads

Ya. Unless St Louis turned out to be
Another Baltimore.

San Antonio has had teams in several incuding the CFL.
Always seemed to be successful.

St Louis and San Antonio are too far, but I've always said I would be okay with a Mexico City expansion as Canadian already go there for their vacation anyway...

The orginal CFL American expansion there was no salary cap.
So in the cap era now, US team owners cant go out & buy the Best non NFL players.
Add to that what is a much larger & deeper Canadian National players now.
As seen by the amount of Ncaa players being poached out of Canada.
As well as what the NFL is doing now.
Grabbing up Canadian players in the CFL that slipped thru the US cracks.

So it could be much different now.

Add in The New Canadian National rules where players hold dual citizenship but grew up in the US. Those said players im sure plenty wuld rather play for a US. CFL team.

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Admittedly this article is dated, but it states that 10 percent of Americans follow the CFL (compared to 25 percent of Canadians). That number translates to over 30 million Americans, no small number IMHO. However, I agree it does pose a risk.

How about all three? And somehow, as part of the terms of some small trade agreement, carve out a deal so that the CFL keeps its current roster rules in the US.

Of course that sounds like a pipe dream, but my point is it can be done.

Yeah, but it probably couldn’t work out well.

Probably why I was so surprised at the low ratings for the Grey Cup in the US .

If that number was accurate they should have had more people watching the championship game in the United States . Was it ESPN’s lack of promotion or is the the CFL just not resonating with those 30 million to bother to watch .

One thing is the CFL must be influencing some US interest as the number of US
fans on the forum is significant for an all Canadian League .