XFL 43 games televised on ABC, Fox S1 and ESPN.

All of the league’s 43 games will be televised either on broadcast or cable, the companies said. More than half will be split between Disney’s ABC network and the Fox network, while Disney’s ESPN and Fox’s Fox Sports 1 will be the cable homes. The majority of games will be played on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Still won’t do them any good.

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They are still in a better situation than the AAFL. McMahon can monetize his WWE when negotiating TV contracts. These guys wont’ fold after a month.

While there will be no rights fees paid, each game will cost approximately $400k to produce. You better believe ESPN will be pimping the heck out of the XFL to make a return on their investment. I don’t see this really affecting the CFL, but when the ratings double MLS, I’m sure ESPN will think twice about paying $90million to show soccer games with 250k nationwide viewers.

Yes, it’ll last a whole season. McMahon at least has that track record. But this is still something that won’t last. When you get down to the nuts and bolts there’s no difference than last time. America already has a football league. If someone is going to choose to watch football in that country it’s going to be that league.

Even if the XFL decides just to become a NCAA clone people are still going to choose that league as it’s the one with all the history and meaning.

McMahon would be better off turning the XFL into a rugby league since there isn’t a really a dominate league in that sport yet. Though I wouldn’t call it the XFL. As a brand I don’t think the XFL has any lasting appeal.

Another thing to remember, the XFL left a bitter taste in Vince’s mouth for nearly 20 years. Had NBC not backed out after the first season, Vince was all in for season 2. The guy is a billionaire, in his mid 70’s and won’t live forever, and with all the success he’s had in WWE, he doesn’t want to just be known as the “wrasslin guy.” Will the XFL succeed, history says no, however don’t be surprised to see Vince run this thing way longer than anyone would expect. This is truly his last chance to be seen as something more than just a glorified carnival barker.

How long XFL exists simply depends on how long Vince McMahon is willing to lose money. Yeah, he has previously talked about expecting to lose $500 million in football. That however was before his everything was coming up roses at his day job. If the WWE continues to plummet in popularity, McMahon could suddenly decide to refocus on only wrestling and dump his sideshow XFL venture.

Scott Stinson: The XFL has signed its first player, and it sure seems like good news for the CFL

The league went through a series of head-coach announcements already, with most of the names recognizable to football fans: Bob Stoops, June Jones, Marc Trestman and, er, Jim Zorn. But finding coaches was always going to be the easy part, as there are far more of them than there are high-profile professional coaching jobs. Finding players is the greater challenge, and announcing Landry Jones as the marquee first signing only underscores that point. The XFL says it plans to sign seven more “leading? quarterbacks before a draft in October — confusingly, players sign with the league first, and then enter a draft to find out where they will play and it expects that a good chunk of its talent pool will be filled by those players who are among the final cuts at NFL camps over the next few weeks. But many such players would rather try to hang on and land on a different NFL team, or even its practice squad, before signing up with Vince McMahon’s latest pet project. Jones is the only example because he’s the only guy signed, but he’s not an up-and-comer trying to use the XFL as a springboard to the NFL, he’s someone who likely realized that his NFL days are over and so he will make some money this way. Feel the excitement!


If overall QB play is going to be anything like in the AAF, this league will be a bust. Like Landry Jones, most of these QBs are not CFL material either.

As the QB’s go, so goes a pro football league. The masses don’t pay merely for great defence and low-scoring ball control offence any more and teams don’t run that sort of offence any more.

The last such team with such an offence to win it all mind you was the 2011 NY Giants, who won several other trophies with great defence and low-scoring offence.

Read-option was a trend for awhile earlier in this decade and took some teams into the playoffs and one to the Super Bowl, but that offence was killed off once they changed the rules such that the quarterback could be clobbered as soon as he faked the handoff. As Warren Sapp explained, no offensive coordinator who wanted to keep his job was going to call those plays any more, and that was the end of top performance for Colin Kaepernick or Robert Griffin III. Of course many of you recall RGIII had played hurt and too long and was out quite awhile after his stellar rookie season. Those days are gone in modern football but for occasional short-yardage or gimmick plays.

The prior two championships by the NY Giants in 2007 and in 1990 also had a ball control or high rushing offence and all their championship teams in the Super Bowl era had excellent or top defences.

Sure the 2018 Patriots won with chiefly defence in the last Super Bowl, but they lit it up on offence most of the season.

Let’s look at Landry Jones’ statistics in the NFL:

4th Round Draft Pick 2013 Out of Major NCAA Program Oklahoma

He didn’t throw a pass in a regular season game until 2015, so that’s on the low-side for a 4th round pick who is a backup. For sake of game experience, that was his real rookie season.

From 2015 to 2017 in three NFL seasons, he played and threw a pass in 18 games of which he started 5. He threw a total 169 passes in those games in his entire NFL career.

Shaking in your boots yet?

After his last game and only start in 2017, which appears to have been his best game, he is cut on the final day on 1 September 2018 and then bounces around two more teams.

Now if this is a high-grade QB for the XFL, well let’s see the others. I’m taking the under. ???

No… it will be after the first season like the last time they tried.

I just hope they don’t make it as trashy and wrestling-like as the first try.

I think with the AAF folding the year before, the XFL will make it at least 2 years. McMahon is investing a lot of dollars into this.

Honestly, I don’t mind the spring leagues. The CFL has benefitted each time with more pro trained players available.

Still would like the CFL season to not start till July, so players in the XFL, could play in the CFL. Have two months between each season.

Maybe wait until the XFL is off the ground and stable before you start saying that the CFL should tailor their schedule to fit the XFL. The AAF wasn’t really a threat to most of the players, and I don’t think that the XFL will be either

The USFL was the only startup league that ever had a chance in the US. I believe it would still be going today if they hadn’t tried to move their schedule to the fall. It had a pretty healthy 3 years in a row in the spring, but then when they tried to move it to the fall only half the owners were for it, and the league folded.

IMO the XFL 2.0 has no shot. I give it 1 season.

And guess who demanded the USFL schedule be moved to the fall? That’s right, the guy who is our president now.

I highly recommend, if you can find it, “Who Killed The USFL” from ESPN. The documentary aired a few years before 2015, when Trump declared his candidacy.

He was interviewed in it, and along with much of his past that includes not paying contractors in full as agreed, that was all I needed to see and know about him to count myself out and that was years before he even announced candidacy.

I have seen that documentary, and loved it - other than the Trump parts.

What a grand hypocrite too. He goes big-time to take on the NFL even after succeeding in obtaining some of the biggest star players, some of whom went on to NFL fame, but then later years after he’s stomped on in court after all those legal expenses, he declares in that interview that even more success of the league would have been “small potatoes.”

No Donald, you got your butt kicked by the NFL and rightly so for your perennial hubris despite the wily Pete Rozelle, and no you can’t have another do-over from rich daddy or some crony local politician with a pocket full from you. Eat it.

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Posting this on this thread. The 8 names have been announced today

New York Guardians
DC (Washington) Defenders
St. Louis Battlehawks
Tampa Bay Vipers

Dallas Renegades
Houston Roughnecks
Los Angeles Wildcats
Seattle Dragons

Dallas’ logo seems to be inspired somewhere

Speaking of Renegades, going back to my toy collecting days, I’ll call the New York and Dallas match-up the Gobot-bowl ;D

Ok, the NFL didn’t want Donald but enough of the general public, those that voted at any rate, wanted him to be POTUS. Hmmm, should I be reading something into this about what exactly America is all about? 8)

Interesting - I’m kind of impressed with these names except for Roughnecks and Wildcats.

How did Dallas claim Renegades? Doesn’t Ottawa still have the trademark in several English-speaking countries?

You would have thought someone would have had Wildcats locked up somewhere in pro football too.

Yes. Yes. And Yes.

I’d go on about how and why about 30 years later in his life, but of course that would be politics and there’s been enough of that banter and still is every damn day especially here on the East Coast of the US.