XFL 2.0 and the CFL; any reason to worry?

The best thing is a fan can pick and choose from the 3.

For myself, CFL and XFL is all I need or want. Along with Aussie Rules.

He has three things I like ; he knows you need NewYork number 1 .

Number 2 I totally agree on either remove or reduce half time to 5 minutes .

Number 3 no politics I come to watch a game leave that protest outside the locker room .

Not going to get off the ground, despite the time cushion and all of McMahon's money.
But for the sake of argument, he says the game will be different?
Who is to say they do not take some of our rules especially the 3 downs and 20 second clock, since the vision is to make the game faster reportedly under 2 hours with no halftime.
The No Funners with the nauseating 40 second clock and 4 downs make for boring and 3-4 hours games.

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Time will tell.

In the mean time , I will remain hopeful and optimistic.

imagine this scenario....the CFL and XFL engage in a partnership of sorts with both leagues playing Canadian rules football on Canadian sized fields with the Grey Cup game being a North/South (Canada vs U.S.) contest.
This combined venture would adopt the very same CFL acronym although the extended meaning now changed to Continental Football League.

Regular season games could be either fully integrated International games..or independent leagues in which each league playoff champion plays in the championship game similar to MLB pennant winners. (I prefer the former setup which adds variety for viewers during the season)

This would also provide the CFL with much desired expansion (8 additional teams to start and FREE of capital input) International flavour, immediate growth potential on both sides of the border and increased franchise valuations and TV/mobile/sponsorship deals etc etc.

That being said, I would rather see the CFL and NFL partner on this type of venture (in non NFL markets of course) as the NFL is a resource laden financial juggernaut who would presumably love to gain additional content to the NFL Network as well as alternative co-promotional revenue generators.

...now what to do with the ratio...

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I’ve really enjoyed the NFL playoffs this season. Lots of exciting endings to games.
Reminds me of the CFL.

How about this ,


XFL will be spring CFL is summer / fall.
Not even playing at the same time.

The ratio would need to be eliminated.
No more Canadian players.

No thanks.

Long live the CFL
Long live the XFL

Completely separate always.

No mergers.

Why are so many seemingly so intent on having the CFL expand in some way to the USA again. So many things about that debacle made the CFL look as bush league as bush league can be.

Why on earth revisit that?

Anyone worried about any other league is foolish. The CFL and NFL are the only ones that have ever stood. No other North American league has ever lasted more than 3 seasons. Most lasted 1-2.

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The CFL also missed an prime opportunity by not acquiring the XFL teams when that league folded. They could have launched an instant stand-alone 8 or 12-team American League, keeping many of the players, coaches and fan bases built up over the first XFL season. The new league could have adopted 100% CFL rules or perhaps a hybrid game incorporating the best elements of both games. Interlocking games between the CFL/ALF would only be feasible if they played Canadian rules. Teams could be operated on a CFL-style fiscal framework rather than trying to compete with the NFL (the new-XFL has a $4M salary cap for 40 players for 10 games = higher salaries per game than an average CFL salary over 18 games).

V. McMahon originally had much the same idea, offering to buy the CFL in 2000 and merge it with the fledgling XFL. That would have given him a much more solid foundation, but the CFL rejected his overtures and tried to sell him the Argos instead. McMahon also proposed the XFL champion could play a Continental championship game vs. the CFL champion (or All-Star team) in the Spring, which the CFL declined.

If the new-XFL ever sees the light of day, the CFL should be ready to scoop up the league's remnants after McMahon bales this time.

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Want a reminder of just how bush league CFL football in an American football stadium actually looked.

Here the home field of the CFL team Memphis Mad Dogs. Love the end zones! lol


Looks like an Argos or Lions game

Can you imagine trying to catch a ball just in bounds at the 10 yard line. Your toes could still be inbounds while your face was planting into the wall at the same time. What a joke!

Why do some want to go back to that?

Stadiums that the XFL will play in - if it ever gets launched will almost certainly not have room for CFL sized fields.

how so? I believe both of their end zones are of regulation size, though Toronto has to rig it up to work.

The new American League could play a hybrid game, using an American field if necessary (perhaps widened by 2 yards which is possible in just about every American stadium), with some Canadian rules to open up the game and add excitement...and to differentiate itself from the other pro league in the U.S.

Low attendance

The last time the CFL ventured south of the border it was a disaster. With the exception of Baltimore the other teams averaged between 10,000 - 15,000 - sort of like the Argos of late.

Toronto's are 3 yards shorter than regulation. 17 yards deep.

"V. McMahon originally had much the same idea, offering to buy the CFL in 2000 and merge it with the fledgling XFL. That would have given him a much more solid foundation, but the CFL rejected his overtures and tried to sell him the Argos instead."

Other way around. The CFL approached McMahon to buy the Argos for $2 million. After realizing you don't have to spend billions on salaries, and after a peek at our rule book, he decided to create the XFL, incorporating some of our rules into the American game, and making up a few of his own along the way. McMahon then offered to buy the entire CFL for $25 million with the intent of turning it into the Northern division of the XFL. Thank god the governors at the time turned down the proposal, because not only would the XFL have died as it did, it would have taken the CFL down with it.

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With all due respect... you're out of your mind!