XFL 2.0 and the CFL; any reason to worry?

Vince McMahon has confirmed the rebirth of the XFL in 2020.

It appears they are entertaining some interesting ideas, such as eliminating half time and banning protests such as kneeling during the anthem. It would run for 10 weeks starting in February.

I know the nay-sayers will automatically call for it to fold after the first season, but I'm betting they will do their research and come up with a very interesting brand of football, with no small amount of CFL influence in the rules. Unfortunately, the field size will always be a limiting factor. I'm also betting Oakland and San Diego are shoo-ins.

Does the CFL have anything to worry about?

...probably add St. Louis to that list, maybe Cleveland too lol

...not sure this a talent threat yet to the CFL, remains to be seen....

I don't think they'll have anything to worry about.

Their season will not overlap even if the CFL moves theirs ahead.

The XFL will be a single entity with a 4 million salary cap. A little less than the CFL depending on the exchange rate. So no different owners bidding for a player's service.

There will be more competition for internationals but I don't expect a mass exodus.May strengthen the emphasis on Canadian talent.

Zero chance of any teams being placed in Canada.

Great. More football and more teams that I won’t have enough time to watch.

I could watch two games a day, 3 on weekends

I would be exited about this if it was more like the original XFL, which was way ahead of it's time.

Now that you can't hit anyone, and they have the QBs wearing skirts, it would be cool to have an old school, hard hitting "play at your own risk" league.

But it doesn't sound like that's what they are doing. Instead they are going to play it really close to the vest. They aren't even going to bring back the best thing that the original XFL had. The cheerleaders.


when it comes to football, I pay almost no attention to cheerleaders.

Me too especially when weather is cold out like now.

What's the record for time elapsed between the first and second seasons of a sports league? I'd have to think these guys will claim it at 19 years.

There will be retired players who have played their entire high school, college and pro careers in the meantime.

Season 3 in 2039?

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Despite his enormous wealth, this is nothing more than a dog's breakfast with no disrespect to the dog, and will never get off the ground.

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I think it rather depends on approach. If he poisons it with BS storylines and WWE like antics and fake drama like in the past it will fail. If he sticks to football, then it may do well.

This comes up every time a new league forms.


The answer is no. Nothing to worry about.

There is more than enough talent to go around.

Yet as Canadians it is in our nature to be scared and insecure.

A new league ? Oh no that will for sure fold the CFL.

Except me of coarse. Never worried.

This will be great for me to have a second league to follow.

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Big time worry

As long as there aren't any franchises in Canada, I'd support the XFL. With MLSE now controlling the Argos and BMO, that might preclude any speculation about a Toronto franchise (except Rogers/Skydome?). More likely in Montreal or Vancouver.

With a Feb. 15th launch and a 10-week season, that put's the XFL championship around May 1st...about when CFL training camps would be starting up, if the season was moved up for an end-of-Oct. Grey Cup.

XFL players could likely play in both leagues in the same year. So the XFL might become a feeder-league, with the CFL signing their best all-star players who have auditioned through the XFL season.

There will be no need to worry about the XFL in Canada. That is not happening.

Players need to be careful about playing in both leagues.

Double your chance of injury and could burn out about mid season in the CFL.
Like Calvin Anderson did in 2001

Unless you are a kicker. Paul McCallum

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Players could mathematically play in all 3 leagues and go 12 months of the year, but yeah, they will wear out.

at 10 weeks, it will be interesting to see what pay is like. The issue for the league is timing of it. They will be playing during the high season for nfl workout and off-season OTAs. That will be a turn-off for many, unless they are paying very well.

If it can pay half what the CFL does players will start opting to play there. That 50% becomes 75 simply from exchange, and the season is half as long but still shows them off to the NFL.

I think there should be a concern for the CFL if the leagues pushes up the season only in the players sense. Players that are good enough for CFL would be looking at direct back to back seasons.

Previous spring leagues including the XFL have provided more pro trained or introduced players to the CFL than the NFL.

Might cause some headaches if Halifax was to get a team in 2020. With an expansion team and player dispersement in the CFL at the same time 320 new football positions open would lead to some strain on management and scouting staffs.

Overall, I just think it is another reason for the CFL to keep their schedule where it is.


I love the ban on political statements, and was a little surprised that the CFL didn't extend that olive branch to disgruntled NFL viewers this year.

They really missed out on a prime opportunity to grow their fan base, imo.