Xavier Fulton

Just read on another site that X was to resign with the Riders. Great news in my opinion.

Source? If true I agree very good news. I wasn’t happy that they didn’t get it done in the off season.

Link below from Murray McCormick on Fulton.

[url=http://www.riderfans.com/forum/showthread.php?134554-Rumour-Xavier-Fulton-to-re-sign-with-Riders]http://www.riderfans.com/forum/showthre ... ith-Riders[/url]

Fulton is officially signed. Sorry to hear his NFL shot didn't pan out, but glad he chose the Rider to return to. When healthy he is one of the better blind tackles in the CFL.

Jonathan Williams also signed, DT from the redblacks. lemon hinted on twitter, but i guess it is official. Lemon is rather pumped. I don't know much about him but having continuity with Lemon and Capi might be good. Shows these guys like working together...we'll see. I am kind ogf mehh on it, but we will see what happens through camp.

Kevin Francis was taken in the supplimental draft. good sized TE who also ran hurdles, so you know he is a good athlete, but he has had limited action. Pretty high pick to gamble with....no idea if they saw him in minis or what, but at least 1 other team was obviously willing to burn a 3rd on him, so we shall see. Kind of a gamble with that pick IMO

All drafted players except Josiah St. John have been signed. Apparently talks have stalled out...not a great sign.

Meanwhile Vaillancourt has already displaced Kirby Fabien to start at G for BC. According to Angus Reid, they might have a Heenan on their hands. Buono:1, Jones:0.

St John was not likely starting this year either way, and he is a OT, not an OG....big difference. Most people, including Jones and Murphy, felt Vaillancourt was the most game ready OLman as well....this was well versed. Question is, say the Riders draft him, who is he going to displace? Nobody. They have their starting OG, they have their insurance in Jones, they likely have a future replacement in Picton. So, unless you are counting on a couple people getting hurt on the line at the same time or trying to move out a vet via trade, what is the upside of drafting him if you are the Riders? Their goal was a long term project to gain a NI OT. You can call this a 1-0 victory if you choose, but it wasn't even the same game. PS, this is still largely on Hardaway and his track record of doing this type of BS.

Personally I would have had a hard time not taking Vaillancourt...and comparing what was aired of the interviews I was not really high on St John...plus his agent is known to be a dick and pull stunts....but I get they were going after an OT, and Vaillancourt is not projected to ever become one. JSJ sitting doesn't really hurt the Riders though because he wasn't going to start...it is potentially hurting JSJ's future in a big way though. He has been offered the same as last year's top picks who ended up started every game of the season...not much more to offer, because that is more than fair. There is also the Boyko factor to weigh into it all....sure...he is a Lion if he lands in the CFL...but from what the rumor is as soon as that contract is up he likely a Rider.

Then trade the pick.

Simple as that huh? Media was reporting they were trying to right up to the draft...or at least talking to teams about it. Problem is that there was no consensus on who was the #1 like there are a lot of years...there was not that player that any team was saying "must have." Not worth trading unless there is something equal or better in return...w/o a clear cut number 1, why would anyone make the trade? it was a pretty good draft year but it lacked a lot of standouts that separated themselves...Onyemata was one of the few but it was pretty obvious he was going to get serious looks in the NFL

They were also interested in developing a guy to play OT a year or 2 down the road and were willing to roll the dice on him. Putting 4 on the OL is obviously a nice perk and can mean starting 8-9 NI....that's called looking past today...something that didn't happen the past couple seasons.

The point is, the Lions got a guy in their ratio right away. The Riders got sweet FA. If they had taken Vaillancourt they would have had someone who could play. I’ve never been a fan of drafting to fill the chart (although I realize that in football with no farm teams that this factors in a bit more than other sports). Take the best guy. If they take the best guy, even though his natural position isn’t T, he can develop, backup etc. Chris best is getting up there, and you yourself have said many times how much you’re not much of a Dan Clark fan. Heenan didn’t start right away neither. He backed up until someone got hurt, changed positions etc too.

If they couldn’t find a trade partner then they should have taken Vaillancourt and let him backup and groom like almost every star Canadian OL in this league does. Tell me what’s wrong with that?

Instead they have nothing, and if he des sign later in the year or next year, he’s missed valuable training time early in his career AND they’ll have likely have a guy with an attitude problem.

The Riders are weak on the ratio and it’s really starting to look like they tossed their pick in the thresher.

I am not the largest Clark fan, but he is middle of the pack at C and I don’t believe Vaillancourt has ever played the spot. Like I said…Picton is in the works as OG so why draft another one? He is looking like he is going to be a keeper and he is a local guy. They also have others in the works…but he is pretty promising and likely he or Jones gets fill in reps this season…there was zero need to bring in an OG barring major injuries. I do believe in drafting the best athlete, but it is hard to say the Vaillancourt is in fact better than St John as JSJ has not been in camp…but we do know that JSJ was actually ranked higher predraft…so I guess they did take whom was rated higher

I believe in drafting the best available as well…but there are some grey areas in that. Do you draft the best available for a spot you are well covered in or do you pick the one that can cover a spot that you are not covered in when the players are ranked very similar prospect wise? Seems silly not to try to fill the void…

As far as their national depth…yeah…there are still issues there, but it is night and day better than last year after 1 offseason of rebuilding…again…how would drafting Vaillancourt help that one ounce though? JSJ potentially does…Vaillancourt does not.

  • 3 solid on the OL with depth
  • They are deep at receiver and can start 2 with depth there. IMO they can start 3 and are missing an opportunity by not looking at that.
  • Capi is 1 on the DL, there are some rotation options there in Ainsworth and Hazimine…still perplexed as to why Hazimine is mainly focused on the OL when they are ok there and could use him more on the DL as an DT
  • Safety…got options there for sure.

That is 7…they should be alright for the ratio, with some concerns if Capi goes down…but pretty well covered everywhere else.

Touching further on receivers…
Bagg has looked really good at SB in camp…we will see how that translates in game action.
Demski can back that up, but can also play the number 2 spot with Chambers.
that is 2 spots covered
If Stanford sticks he is more than capable of being a clutch WR and could replace what Denmark is supposed to be doing. That could have been backed up by Haidara if they hadn’t released him
that is 3 spots.
They also have Kowamoto to develop, and he looks pretty promising and has had a great camp…see if that translates in games or not, but the above have all been in real games, Stanford aside.

Opportunity lost IMO

The ratio looks about the same as it did last year, an injury away from Connop. Looks like they're already there I guess Ainsworth(?) in for Capicciotti? Do you really think Ainsworth is ready to start at end? Nobody knows that, that is a complete finger-crosser. And by receiver depth do you mean being forced to play Moore or a full time FB in place of Chiles to make the ratio when they get their next injury? Please don't say Nic Demski, that guy is a putz. They have Bagg and Chambers (that's it), even though I like Moore, he's basically McHenry, jack of all trades scares no one as a threat. Even Haidara was let go (quite foolish). And remind me who's gonna play safety. I guess it's Webster. I like the kid but a starter? Graig Newman? The guy is a STer ONLY. Cannot cover. Basically they are hiding a Canadian at safety, the tried and true strategy employed for decades by mediocre and bad teams.

How can you compare it to last year?

  • There were rookies starting in ratio spots at DT that were not ready and never may have been. Capi is an instant upgrade.
  • His backup is a concern…they had crap for backups on the DL last year though, Ainsworth aside
  • Ainsworth…I am no sold, but I could be wrong…he has done alright when he has been in, but need to see more to really say
  • Why would they need to play Moore for Chiles? Chiles is an Import so they can put anyone in there if he goes down. They have NI depth at WR. They have depth on the OL. Why would they need to play Moore at WR?
  • Bagg and Chambers are it? Really? I am not even that high on Chambers to be honest and felt he was in jeopardy of not making the team at points in camp. Not fan of Demski? I would say he is a very solid 3rd NI there. I am also really really liking Kawamoto. Stanford was a potential 1st round pick based on his ability but he fricken destroyed himself in interviews.
  • In a massive ratio pinch Walter comes in for more reps.
  • What is wrong with Webster? What is wrong with Newmann? Are they the best in the league…no…but they are far from just filling a spot. Webster was one of the few bright spots in the secondary last year…are you perhaps thinking of West? Cuz yeah…he was a disaster. Webster is actually capable of playing in secondary spots outside of Safety. Newman is very capable at Safety, but I am not sure will even be on the team…I think it will be Francis though.

I think it is very improved and pretty good for the first year of a rebuild. They went from 5 starters and 2 filling in to meet ratio to 7 legit starters. The only concern I really have…as I have said…is Capi’s backup if he goes down…and that is still out for judgement…especially since he is out and rumor is it was a concussion.

I don’t agree with releasing Haidara…but they want to go 2 NI WRs…so it makes sense that he would be gone under that view…because he has been beat out by a couple players.
Also like I said…I don’t get Hazimine playing OG. I know the dream is to have Reaves there, but I think it is just that…a dream. Hell of an athlete, but he doesn’t have ball experience never mind as a DE. I mean…if it works out and he does land a spot and can look good in it then it will be one of the stories of the year in the CFL likely. He definitely has the raw athletic ability to do it…don’t know if he has everything else it takes though

Youre not even reading what im writing. Youre not even interested in anything but blind rebuttal. Just forget it. I made my point. It stands.

Really? I would say you are not reading what I said then, because I responded my opinion on each thing you said....or is it that I am supposed to simply agree with everything you said? I agreed with 2 of the 5 points and don't understand where you are going with a 3rd.

You pointed out depth concerns behind Capi...I agreed and I said I was not sold on what they had...even in Ainsworth, and expanded on that.
You talk about playing Moore full time if Chiles goes down...I ask why...how is this a factor in ratio? Why would Moore need to come in for him? Chiles is an Import...I am not getting where you are going with this.
You say Demski is a putz...I disagree. He had a solid rookie season....to each their own
You say who is going to play safety and that Webster is not capable...but he is actually capable and has played other spots outside of Safety fairly well. Not sure how that is hiding a Canadian at Safety. I also mention that I think Francis will be the safety.
You bring up discontent with releasing Haidara....I agreed, but understand where they are going with it...even if I don't agree with it. he had a better camp than Chambers IMO.