X - Factor

Hey guys and gals, :rockin:

Check below

Hey guys and gals,
I want you to weigh in on what position ( if the season started right now ) you think would be the X Factor to bring the ti-cats to glory.
You can also name some player's too.

And why?

The wide receiver position will be the X factor to help this team get to the grey cup. The following receivers will make a drastic impact on this team:

Maeko, Atnas - raw talent with the exceptional ability to get open
Curry, Nate - fine tuned athlete with deep threat ability
Morreale, Mike - wiley vet capable of catching the ball in traffic
Cavil, Kwame - big target with great hands
Gardner, Talman - possession receiver with deceptive speed, ability to break tackles
Ralph, Brock - speed demon with excellent hands
Alston, Richard - speedster with CFL experience
Fowlkes, DaVon - small, quick target with kick return capabilities
Bauman, Chris - young Canadian talent with great size
Witherspoon, Jovan - unproven talent with great athleticism
Fleming, Iain - big target with great hands
Getzlaf, Chris - great route runner with Stanley Cup Champion brother

Basically all the wide receivers are capable of being the X-factor, except for Jo Jo Walker. He's not on this list because he is undersized, slow, couldn't catch a cold, sloppy route running, and lazy.

laughing out loud.

I like the list, really nice of you to show love to the team.
Its weird that you would take the name of JoJo ( jojo the jet ) but call him out like that. When reports show he is working hard and looking good out there. As well as the team.

I cant hate your statement but I do wonder what you are doing. I mean do you play football, or are you just another person that hate the fact to see player's work hard.
Is there anything he done to make you feel that way.

Hey but I do think you for the unkind words. Words like that will only make him work even harder. So THANK YOU FOR THE UNKIND WORDS.. PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING

I need a bigger screen

It's nothing personal against Walker, but I played with him at Maryland, and have seen first hand his weaknesses as a player. My name (jojothejet77) motivates me to work hard, and never give up on the football field unlike Jo Jo.

Yours Truly
Jack Griffin

Mines a 21" and it STILL isn't big enough....lol

Thats weird cause Ralph didnt think so..
Nor did the rest of the team.

Well Jack Griffin thanks for your statement again, and good luck in whatever it is you do.

By the way please write more disrepectful things about him or the tiger cats...

We need the fuel to win this season!!

Compensating for something? :twisted: :lol:

Here are the links to both players. Seems neither one got much playing time!!!

[url=http://umterps.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/griffin_jack00.html]http://umterps.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl ... ack00.html[/url] [url=http://umterps.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/walker_jojo00.html]http://umterps.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl ... ojo00.html[/url]

I disagree with this Gentleman
Jojo has Been a Standout so far and is a hard worker Every Day on The Field.
He Caught Almost Everything Throw at Him.

I would like to see His Kick and Punt Return Skill some more.
I don't Think Charlie or Marcel would bring a Player in if they could not Compete and CFL Level

lol… yea the 15" i upgraded from :thup:

I knew when I saw that post that it would only be a matter of time, sig...lol.

I wouldn't worry about what anyone says about players on here if I were Jojo or his friends/family. It's the coach who makes the decisions and he seems to like Jojo just fine.

Fowlkes will be our X-factor as a return specialist.

He'll be Cut.. IMO

I think Fowlkes will be cut as well.

Maybe we should have Corey returning kicks

How about we put all three back there and let them burn rubber.

In the first week of camp, quarterback Timmy Chang has been the holder for the field goal unit and his presence could allow Easley the flexibility to get creative in his play calling. Easley hopes to keep other teams guessing this season by adding a package of fakes into the special teams playbook.

“We want to be unpredictable, we don’t want to be doing the same thing every time so we’ll toss in a few fakes, as long as the coach is calling them,? he joked.--------------

this should create some exciting moments this season, and hopfuly, makes the cats harder to defend against.