After a great trip last year, back again this year for the Montreal game on the 17th. Looking forward
to the pregame festivities and a cold Pil . This year staying Saturday Night after the game to hopefully
celebrate another win. Last year 5 of us came up,this year after telling everyone what a great time we
had, 8 of us are making the trip. Anything we should be aware of any happenings during the Montreal game, besides
hopefully a 7-0 start? GO RIDERS!!!!!

The "Press Box" is a great bar to hang out at, after the game.

That's quite the trip if you're driving up, what is that, 10 hour drive?

Beer Bros is a good place to grab a bite to eat downtown before or after the game. Obviously if you were here last year you've experienced the pre-game party on the practice field.


Awesome to hear! I hope you guys have a great trip. Another place that may be worth checking out is The Lancaster on Gordon Rd in the southwest corner of town. I think they do a radio show from there during away games; possibly home games too?

t minus 3 days and counting, looking forward to the trip, any pregame happenings before the Montreal game?
looking forward to the pregame at the practice field. anyone wants to say hi, i'll be the one with a Wyoming
Cowboy bucking horse ball cap on.

Post game radio show is at the 4 Seasons in the east side of town. Never been there after a Rider game but it is a sports bar with lots of screens. Also covers NFL though not sure in the preseason how much they cover. Sorry no tickets so I won't be at the tailgate but I wish you well and hope it is an enjoyable and memorable trip. Let us know how it all turns out.

long story short i will be interviewed this morning on CKRM at 8:50am, looking forward it should be fun.

Darn missed it. You should phone in to the post game show too. They'll be impressed your actually at the game having come all that way. 620 am Regina.

Way to turn Wyoming green. Here's to more and more fans south of the boarder.

Sorry I missed your interview! I hope that you have a good time. With the extra seats it'll be the highest attended game before Labour Day, so have a blast!

It's too bad you were treated to 58 minutes of terrible football, but at least we had a happy ending. Hope you enjoyed the game!

yes the game wasn't very good. but the trip, the pregame, the pilsner, and the last two minutes were good. But to join
the sea of Green was a kick in the pants again, looking forward to next year already. We are hoping that it will
work out to see the Stampeders in Regina next year.

That is why they are known as the Cardiac Kids, Riders are known for exciting finishes over the years.

Glad u had fun, glad u picked the Riders to cheer for and to come all that way to support them. All the best :rockin:

Great post! I have been wanting to make a trip from Illinois to see the Riders get since I started watching the CFL a few years back. I am hoping to make it happen in 2014 at some point.

Do it, you will not regret it.

Agreed. If you can make the labour day game (always against Winnipeg) that is a ton of fun. It is happening this weekend, lookin forward to it.