Wynton McManis hit

Saw the hit McManis put on Zach in the Bummers - Stumps game.

Looked to me like Zack was well on his way into the slide and Wynton goes shoulder first to the head.

No call and thankfully, no injury.

What do you think?

10 seconds in…

Well his name isn’t Lawrence and he doesn’t play for the Cats so therefore it was a good clean hit . ::slight_smile:

What about the foot ? Was it twisted ?

To me, that’s a borderline penalty, call could go either way. Not a suspension. Pretty half-assed slide by Collaros, and it wasnt quite as late or dangerous as Simoni’s hit.

No penalty. If you watch it real time Collaros’ rear end is barley on the ground upon impact. QB needs to slide sooner, but he wanted that extra yard … and that’s a risky business.

We used to call it “piling on?, implying that the ball carrier had already been tackled, and there was no further need for others to also tackle him, or “pile on? him.

Don’t hear that called anymore, sort of like charging or boarding in hockey?

No penalty

Would not have been surprised since they call everything, but they got this one right.

Like Rico’s hit last game.

Enjoyed Zach finally getting his game together, but has to work on his slide and cut down on his risk taking. The Bummer linemen need to really work on protecting Zach.