Wynnless Had "Wynned" Knocked Out Of Him

Hahahaha Spergeon the Sturgeon had yet another bad performance and it was nice to see Tommy Canada show no mercy on his former teammate in the very last play. I think that was the Hit of the game. All around effort. BTW I believe that keeps ricky at 20or so yards on about 20 carries versus the big blue d.

Also anyone know about warners booboo?

Nice sig bomberboy, Apparently Warner is going to miss the next game. Knee injury of some sort but Taman said it wasnt too bad.

Well, you're being pretty harsh considering he's a back-up quarterback.

....harsh....this is the guy who dumped all over Wpg. when he left....way to go Canada...take no prisoners...clean hit and by the way the world of football can get a little 'harsh' sometimes.. :thup:

....OUCH....IS ALL I CAN SAY ON THAT ONE ....POKEYS :thup: :rockin: