I missed the argos game. What exactly happened to Spurgeon?

I got nailed by a dt and an lb. Hemlet popped off, neck got twisted than he got splattered on the truf. he spent the entire halftime collapsed on the field. After about 30 minutes he wa taken by ambulance to a local hospital. Nothing has been released but some say it was just a "minor concussion". Looked alot more than minor to me!

It was a helmet-to-helmet hit that wasn't called.

The Argos are now in a no Wynne situation!!

Not sure if it was legal or not but the Argos aren't even sure if they will ask the league to review it so it couldn't have been too illegal then.

Hmm, no Wynne situation, I have a feeling that Crouch is their qb of the future and will be better than Wynne could dream of. Just my opinion based on the few times I've seen him, perfect qb for the CFL as he has the legs. And a former Heisman trophy winner to boot like Mr. Flutie. This could be a blessing in disguise for those Argos.

The hit was fine, he didnt lead with his head and Wynn turned his body into the hit.

Enough with protecting these QB's to the point where everything is illegal.

Agreed. It looked to me that he 'ducked' into the hit..thus making it helmet to helmet. Of course, I HAVE seen that called before too.

Did anybody else find it Simpsons-esque when they continued with the half time show? That was surreal.

Instead of smelling salts they were using Crusty Burgers.

I guess that any play can be "open for interpretation" But as far as I am concerned a defensive lineman, linebacker or back that leads with his head (like the hit on Wynne, the couple of hits on McManus last year, or on any receiver) should be called for unnecessary roughness and the league should review the play. Sticking the crown of your helmet into a guys ear/jaw is a penalty and should be flagged as such.

The fact that the hit took down an Argo, while heartwarming, does not take away from the need to call a penalty.

I really have to disagree with both of you here. No way did he "duck" into that. Shultz led with his head no doubt about it. Look at the force the helmet pops off! (Watch the helmet before the hit to see any sign of 'ducking' and you will see NONE) It was not a clean hit and the hard surface at Taylor field made it worse. The good news is that Wynn is okay and practiced with the club today.


Thanks for the link, Tuck!

Well I watched it 5 times....I could see no ducking by Wynn...but then again it looked like a fair tackle to me. Unfortunate for Wynn and the Argos and I'm pleased to hear he is not more seriously hurt. Did the strap on the helmet break?

Im calling this "IS HE ALIVE? PART TWO".

Got rocked in Toronto from Tom Canada right before the end of the game and I was wondering if he was still Alive therefore part 1. Then gets rocked by Schultz goes to the hospital there for is he alive part two.

Had the helmet not flew off it wouldn't even be something we are discussing...I'm almost positive!

Ok..not ducking..but he did turn into it...

Speaking of the Tom Canada hit a couple weeks ago..I thought that was worse from an against the rules perspective. Led with the helmet right into his back...coulda paralyzed the guy.

Agreed, he did turn into the hit, but it was still gonna be a helmet to helmet hit. I also agree that the Canada hit on Wynn seemed to be a more flagrant foul. Maybe it's true that the refs don't protect the backups as much as the starters?

Woody, I know what your saying, and it really bothers me when helmets aren't done up right and go popping off easily, in football and hockey. They should get a penalty for not having it done up right, for Pete's sake, it's for their own protection.

If this was the case, then a good portion of the blame would be Wynn's. But I'm not sure if a blow to the chin guard (because of him looking at Schulz at the last second) wouldn't be enough to pop the snap. They're not made to stay on at all costs otherwise you'd have broken necks.

Bottom line is it was an unfortunate incident and I'm just glad Wynn seems to be okay, 'cause man, it was scary for a while there.