Wynn views Argonauts as a win-win situation

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Spergon Wynn expected to be Damon Allen’s backup and ultimately his replacement with the B.C. Lions.

That was in 2003, after the Southwest Texas State product had signed with the Leos following three seasons in the NFL, one with Cleveland and two with Minnesota.

Now, three years later, the big-boned quarterback from Houston is hoping to finally fulfill that role with the Argonauts.

The 6-foot-3, 230-pounder was obtained by the Argos from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers last month for backup defensive back Mike Crumb.

He’ll be competing with newly signed former Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch and holdover Charlie Peterson for the backup job behind Allen.

Taking a spring break from classes where he’s completing his degree in marketing, Wynn, 27, spent an hour yesterday under the Oakville Sports Complex dome throwing to Argo receivers Tony Miles and Keith Stokes under offensive coordinator Kent Austin’s critical eye.

“He looked good,” said Austin “He’s a guy who’s technically very proficient. He’s a big, strong guy. He’s got a great arm and he’s very coachable.”

With accolades of that kind flowing from Austin, the question is: Why hasn’t Wynn been able to become a starter?

“Sometimes a guy just needs a chance to play consistently, not spot play,” said Austin.

In B.C., after Allen was traded to the Argos on the eve of the 2003 season, Wynn was injured when starter Dave Dickenson went down. An unknown fill-in named Casey Printers, who was the No.3 quarterback, got the opportunity to play and ended up being named the CFL’s outstanding player.

Wynn was traded to Winnipeg after the 2004 season and, while the Bombers’ quarterbacking situation was far from stable, Wynn was unable to win the starter’s job. He wound up No.3 on the depth chart.

Wynn said he doesn’t dwell on why he hasn’t found success as a starter in the CFL.

“I don’t really wonder about stuff like that,” he said. "I don’t think it was anything physical. I feel I have good skills, a strong arm and I can pick up offences quickly and make the reads.

“So I think it was just a coaching decision. It’s happened to better players than me, so I can’t complain.”

He said he’d rather concentrate on taking advantage of learning from a pair of CFL-savvy veterans in Allen and Austin.

“I’ll be playing behind a guy (Allen) who I can watch and learn from and also be coached by a guy (Austin) who’s done it all and can actually instruct you and tell you what you’re doing wrong,” said Wynn, who conceded he was surprised by the trade from Winnipeg in view of the Bombers’ uncertainty at quarterback.

“But a pleasant surprise,” he said.

COME BACK HERE W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

....Wynn can be a winner....if he stays healthy...tends to get nicked now and then....but not as fragile as D.D.....I hope he does well with the Argos...he could be their future.....I thought the Bombers might have done better in the trade...but Mike Crumb is definitely an experienced back...and cuz Berry likes him...I'll go with that.. :arrow:

I was really counting on Wynn to be our number 2 guy...
Mickna does have talent, but is he really ready to be thrown into action full time.??
Hope so..seems like now a day's you need two #1 QB's to get the complete job done...

wynn for crumb......the bombers definetly got the better of that one :slight_smile:

I don't know, whenever he played Wynn did well. He has all kinds of up side and potential first stringer.

argotom I agree with you.

well I sure hope wynns knee is okay, he wasnt out of the line up all season because T was better than him dont you no....

Allen goes down in the first or second game of the season, Wynn steps in and becomes the CFL MVP of 06. Mark my words on this one.

...and then splits to KC!

Argos may be a Grey Cup contender after all this coming season.All that they bhave to do now is sign some of their good free agents,then its Grey Cup here we come!. :smiley:

Piggy I am not sure if you know this but before a trade is finallized the players must pass a physical! So I am sure his knee is just fine.

ya know red.......this will probably be one of the worst bloody trades that taman has made.........crumb is like 36 years old and probably wont even show up for tc, we also got a second round draft pick I believe, whoopie.........in a year or two Wynn will likely be the starter in TO........blows my mind.......

Does anyone know what the "real story" was last year as to why Wynne did not get a chance to compete for a last place team. Was Daley that much out of his element(stubborness) as Head Coach?

........not sure if this is a 'real' explanation, but I'd say Daley went to the Tee Martin well one too many times mid-season and when it finally became evident that Tee was not the answer he had to change to a QB that had some recent experience with the BB offense (Glenn) and try to salvage the season........putting Wynn in would have been another gamble and by the end Daley was gambled out IMO.......too bad Wynn didn't get a try earlier but all the chances were pretty much used up by Martin and Glenn........

You would have thought that Wynne with his CFL experience and doing well in a part time role when called upon, would have been ahead on the depth chart. Especially since Martin was a stiff in each game played. Also, wasn't Glenn injured for several games and so the cupboard was empty.

.......yup, and thats when Daley kept resorting to Martin, drawing the ire from the BB faithful........he even tried Michna out a couple of times but no Wynn.....strange really..........

I dont really know what the reason was.......we (bomber fans) just kept hearing that his knee was injured in the exibihtion game against Edm and that he decided to have surgery rather than risk further damage....

No Wynn...no win.

...Wynn hurt his leg and was definitely on the Bomber injury reserve list....but towards the end of the year ...he probably could have played....but Daley had screwed things up so badly by then ...what was the point... :roll: