lt looks like a real battle shaping up for the starting QB. job in the Peg. After placing one and two respectively in the Damon Allen QB. challenge does this speak of things to come…if so the BOMBERS have a pleasant problem on their hands. Not forgetting the other prospective QBS. Tee Martin and company WHO do you think should be the initial starter for the Big Blue… :?: :?: [[/img][/url]

I think Glenn will be given the starting spot come training camp. He will have to play pre season with Wynn and it could heat up a lot.

If Wynn or Martin both score a huge amount of TD’s with no INT’s and Glenn is so so, then Glenn can’t be starter. It bothers me how the Old Blue Bomber coaching staff kept the bad in front of the good. IE Wade Miller is still on the team for some reason.

i think glenn needs the nod as initial starter since he was at the end of last year with the realization the he needs to continue to earn it. he has at least one equal breathing down his neck, possibly two is martin is as good as they seem to think. i suspect wynn will takeover the starting position by week five however and won’t look back.

take it easy on poor wade, the guy is one of the best special teams players we have. he never claimed to be an allstar fullback but did his best when his team needed him. and at least he could block. he is better than stokes in that department. it was painful to see stokes in the backfield. however now with regimbald we can relax because we actually have some talent to help out the qb and roberts backthere. why is wade miller still here. because he has more heart than most, is great at st and is a cheap non import. i hope we hold on to him.

I think the bombers have a very good problem, i mean none of the 3 are casey printers or ricky ray but all 3 are skilled QBs. I really want to see martin play as i havent seen him play in the CFL yet. I think by seasons end MArtin or Wynn will be starting and glenn will be the forgotten man.

Glenn was good when he was our only option other than Jones, I cant beleive daly would say Glenn will be the starte before training camp begins, with the talent at QB Wynn is better and proved that with his stint with the vikings, Tee stunk it up in oakland but he was very young, and i could be a little pre mature but he could with all of his athletic ability be very close to casey, but than again he only had one big year, and if i can recall we had a QB like that…hes a third string in Edmonton (350 k) lmao nice signing, but i digress wade miller is a penguin, look at him run thats where all the special team tackles come in, the blockers are laughing so hard they cant block him, hes a token boy, a local charity figure, coulda keep howell (winnipeger) and let miller go play with his booster juises

apparently Glenn and Wynn have the same type of relastionship as Ray and Maas…they have roomed together before and seem to get along with each other…whether or not that ends when they hit the field…who knows…they are professionals…and a starter job is a starter job. It looks like this could be quite a turn around for the big blue and a very pleasant surprise…watch out for Wynn he’s going to make the lions look awfully foolish for letting him go.; especially if Casey takes a hike. :smiley:

Right now the guy is glenn. Wynn, is close though. He has the best shot at grabing the number one job. He’ll get a shot in tc, but glenn deserves to be number one right now.
Tee, and jackson are here too. But jackson isn’t any thing more than a decent back up. And tee is dumber than miller. His nfle number are the worst I have ever seen. In any league, at any level.

As chief operating officer, president, secretary, treasurer and only member of the Stanley Jackson Fan Club, give him a shot!!

Seriously, Glenn has the job to lose to begin with. Martin they may be high on, but we can all name hotshot US college QBs who came up here and bombed (no pun intended) royally, so I wouldn’t take that to the bank just yet. Wynn has possibilites but I can’t get out of my mind his performance in the playoff game against Toronto a couple of years back; ugly.

I;m pretty sure the BOMBERS are releasing Stanley if they haven’t already…sorry MadJack he’ll have to get a shot with some other club…they are cutting him to make room for a …you guessed it another young QB. from the states. :roll:

Bang on papazoola…Stanley Jackson has been released, someone called Michna has been signed. Just training camp fodder, Glenn Martin and Wynn are the 3 QBs this year. Too bad Stanley never got a chance in Winnipeg (or Toronto, or Montreal…).

I watched Wynn when he played with the Vikings. He didn’t post very good stats, but as that point, the Vikes were pretty beat up on the offense. He also played in some tough situations, i.e. on the road at Green Bay with top offensive players injured. During his stint with the BC Lions, he showed that he is very capable of directing an offense. You cannot rate him as a bad QB based on a sub-par performance in the playoffs against Toronto. He has a strong arm and some good leadership skills.

take back khari. no one wants him here. well atleast i don’t

Nobody wants Khari.

How did Spergon Wynn do last night?

I think he could be your “sleeper” this year. He did a great job in relief last year when both Printers and Dickenson were on the limp.

Wynn wasn’t bad…didn’t really have recievers helping him out.

The best QB last nite by a wide margin was Michna. Three consecutive completions, three consecutive first downs, and lead the best ‘scoring drive’ (if I could even call it that) of the night.

On a night of definate disappointments, Michna was a definate bright spot.
He made a case why he should be the #2 or even the #1 man.