I know its early and Wynn was great in a relief role in week one, but as a starter he is awfull. And therein may be his MO, like in BC, not bad coming off the bench but as a starter to include the No Fun League, he does not have the stones.
He looked slow, immobile a typical drop back passer who would not even cut it in the NFL.
Unable to avoid the rush, read coverage and just panicking.
When you have a QB like Spurg, I think it is incumbent for the OC to use his advantage of rolling out, swing passes to Ricky and stretching the D with intermediate passes.
What was Austin thinking, not giving Ricky 15+ touches and the inability to package a proper scheme for Wynn.
Where do they go from here, next week in BC and it will be a slaughter. With Damon 4-6 weeks away, with no QB it may very well be a long year.

I am more worried about our O LINE. WYNN was good against Hamilton. I think that all of the ARGOS played awful tonight.

so much for a sussecor to Allen.

O-line was the biggest problem for the argos offence tonight. There was constant pressure on Wynn, if the o-line played half decent, Wynn would have played a game similar to Glenn IMO(below avg. game, btu not completely horrible). The entire offence looked out of synch. I think Wynn finally felt the pressure of starting a game, and failed under the pressure(coming off the bench is alot different- since the expectations are low, so pressure to perform well is low). Ricky Williams looked extremely pathetic, and with the way he played on his first 5 or 6 carries, I'm not the least bit surprised Kent Austin didn't go back to him.

Well , he did do well against HAMILTON. Lets hope that HAMILTON can actually win a game?

The Boatmen's special teams kept them close ..top marks to the Boatmen...you proved special teams rule...with out the sound special teams, you were never in it ...Go Bombers..

hopefully, it was other Argo players (RW) instead of Wynn tonight.

and even the Bombers could smoke Hamilton now. OH! I just layed out a challenge there!

Again it was one game thats see what happens next week. The Argo's just looked like they were sight seeing! That defense shreded the o line.

...should the Bombers have kept Wynn....?? i think everyone has their answer.... :roll:

Wynn looked bad but OC had a lousy game plan for sure. The running back isn't the only one to blame for a lousy ground game , the O-line sucked . A lousy o-line(with a bad gameplan) can make a good RB look bad and that's what happened. Kent Austin should be blamed for it.

So you think if that was Kevin Glenn on the other side in Wynn's shoes he would have looked better?? :roll:
You really come up with some "brilliant" remark's don't you.

...yes...you sore loser....lol... :lol:


You got to admit, papazoola knows the game
He's been around, n... he's true Blue..
Go Bombers..

Glenn would have looked better yes. he was in a similar situation against montreal. our o line could stop the blitz. glenn had it worse actually having 6 sacks and wynn had five. but good defences do that to an offence. it truly was a defensive battle tonight. winnipegs revamped D. Torontos proven D.

Winnipegs offence needs to step up

What are you talking about??? I think you won't be gloating after you're lame bombers play my LIONS , you goof.

.......penn's actually a BC Lion fan there papa.....

Beat ya to it. :wink:

Pennw is a trator to the Union, and shouldn't be talking to Papa or the Bombers like that, at least untill the Lions beat us, which isn't going to happen, our D will be sending the Lions DD to the hopital and cost them the season! WHORAA!!!

......cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo....