Wylie ...gone....Dyce stays

…The only part of Bombers coaching staff that’s staying intact …so-far…is Bob Dyce (good move)…Kelly has expressed interest in bringing in his own crew… some rumoured to be from the esks…Wylie has been given the axe…and i would say that Harris ‘might’ also be gone …I liked Harris but he’ll probably want to be with a familiar friend and that would be Greg Marshal…wherever Greg ends up…The changes have started already…and i expect there’ll be a few more in the very near future…goBigBlue… :thup:

to bad i was really hoping wylie, dyce and harris would stick

oh well, at least he recognizes dyce is a rare talent at recievers coach and canadian scouting

wylie has been staying at my work the last 2 months or so. he is a great guyt to talk with and he did a fantastic time with our offensive lines. even when beaten and bruised with all our backups they were able to play tough. very unfortunate to see him go but he has had offers froma few other teams already.

the only thing i have to say is i am glad mcdirmond gets axe axe, boot, and a good slam of the door. his special teams are awful.

and well as for the rest of the staff. makes no diff to me i like the idea of starting a new, and a whole new coaching staff is the best start. i hope kelly has some plans in mind

I'll miss Wylie...Good guy.

Was there EVER an annoucement that Cartwright was let go? Or did he just sorta slink off into the night?

it was made unoffiacially when kelly signed and said he was cleaning out the coaching staff and also taking care of the offensive co-ordinator position