Did anyone see the official Riders website postgame summary from the game against BC?


A dejected Scott Schultz sits on the bench at the conclusion of Saturday

Riders lose fifth in a row, slip to 3-6 and watch as officials play a factor again


Riderville.com editor

There are times when it is extremely difficult to remain a positive fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Unfortunately, it’s one of those times.

The Riders dropped their fifth straight CFL game of the 2005 season by allowing – with the help of some questionable refereeing – the undefeated B.C. Lions to comeback and win a crucial game at Taylor Field, 19-15 to improve to 9-0 and push the Green and White into the basement with a 3-6 record.

The Riders did have the Lions down by 10 points heading into the fourth quarter as the offense came to life in the third frame thanks to a late drive that saw quarterback Nealon Greene disperse the ball to receivers Karsten Bailey, Jason French and Elijah Thurmon as well as a big run from Kenton Keith to set the home team up. From there, Greene took it nine-yards to finally bust into the endzone and make it 15-5 heading to the fourth.

Then it happened. The Rider defence – as it had done most of the game – stepped up and made a big play on second and two for the Lions, forcing the Leos and third string pivot Buck Pierce (who had entered the game in relief of an injured Casey Printers) to gamble on third down.

Pierce was pressured and threw an incompletion which should have turned the ball over to the Roughies, but defensive end Daved Benefield was called for being offside, when the replay clearly showed the offensive lineman for the Lions had moved first. Too bad, so sad was what it amounted to as the Lions ended up capitalizing on the missed call, with Pierce completing two straight to Regina’s Jason Clermont and then running it in from five-yards to make it 15-12 Riders.

The Green and White looked to answer right back when Greene hooked up with Keith for a 22-yard gainer, then handed off to the speedy back for another nine yards to set up a second and one situation. On the play, Greene kept the ball after receiving the snap from veteran centre Jeremy O’Day and pushed for two yards to give the Riders what they thought was an easy first down. They thought wrong, apparently.

Instead, O’Day was called for illegal procedure for what was said to be an act of him lifting the ball before hiking it to Greene.

The Riders were pushed back to second and six and didn’t get the first down on the ensuing play. "

What do you guys think of this? Not a very objective post game summary, if you ask me.

We all have complained about the reffing, myself included.

Some one should post an e-mail address to some one important in the CFL camp, so we can write them.

WHAT truly bothers me is that the REFS seem to call way too many pens. a game .Just let them play and only call the obvious ones that would make a difference, in the game.

The REFS are the scurge of the CFL...........If I wanted to see flags waving all night , I would go to OTTAWA on JULY 1st.

Complaining at this site does very little. We all know that this is a problem.

BUT, I feel it is very unprofessional for that writer to write what he did.

SASK..........lost the game because of bad coaching , a poor defence and no scoring in the RED ZONE.

B.C. were having an off day and were, ripe for the picking..........but SASK, just blew it.

Of course, but I don't know if I've ever seen a team's 'official' website complain about officiating like this. Seems like sour grapes to me, and extremely unprofessional.

I agree , and he should be setting a better example in this case.

He is just putting out fire with gasoline.

Yes the Refs blew it, however, when the defence comes away with 6 sacks, 4 turnovers and the offence dosen't capitalize, you deserve to lose.

Bench that bum Nealon already.

Totally unprofessional.

I've watched every CFL game this year and each game I can count a minimum of 5 bad calls. Although it happens in every game, it's only when the Riders loose do these forums get flooded with "we lost cause of bad calls" posts.

Just a thought here, but don't you guys think the refs sometimes tend to even the calls?

For instance, in the Calgary vs. Montreal game last week, Burris was past the line of scrimmage when he threw his first TD pass and it wasn't called. On the following quarter, Calvillo was also way past the line of scrimmage when he completed a first down on 2nd and 10. Is it a mere concindence? Were the Als "granted" a non-call because refs knew they missed a call in Calgary's favour earlier, or are the refs just so bad that they missed both calls?

Good point Turd,
I think they do even the calls out.
Here is something to think about.I would have bad refing than instant replay.
That would slow down the game alot.I learn to live with the bad calls.Refs can only see so much.They are human.I know it is thier job,however the CFl is a fast game.Lets keep it this way.Bad calls over instant replay.

Um, actually I'm sure a lot of hometown newspapers do the same thing. I get the paper here in Wpg & see exactly the same thing when the writers are writing about the Bombers.

What are you doing checking out the Riders website anyways??

Hey Spankee,
How are you?
I sure have missed you.
I feel sorry for you these days.
You are always welcome on the Ship.
Hey look at the bright side of your team.Your only one game out of a playoff spot.

Hey, thanks Saskargo. I'm actually pretty good. I don't get to get on here a lot, pretty busy looking after the baby!

I am not impressed at all w/ my Riders. It's pretty disappointing especially when at the beginning of the season everybody had pretty high hopes. I like Danny Barrett but sometimes I want to knock some sense into him & tell him to open up his eyes, we do not have a QB. It seemed that everything was falling into place at the end of last year & then we lost Burris. It seems such a waste, the Riders could be a first place team giving BC a run for their money on a good day! My hopes aren't that high anymore. sigh

Spankeedisco, the difference between a local paper and a team's official website is that the website represents the team. A newspaper represents the city. Rarely will you see opinions on official game summaries posted on a team's website, but very often will you see opinions in a newspaper. A team's website is meant for facts and summarizing, and newspaper for opinions and reflection.

What am I doing on the Riders website? Wanted to see it, as I had never been on it before. Tried to look at the forums but apparently you have to pay to get on them. Was not very impressed with the website at all.

No matter what the refs do they will not be able to win.
I agree with letting the players play and only calling the important one but the people will complain that it was important.

Come to think of it we are complaining about no-calls now, maybe they decided the holding was inconsequential and didn't call it.

I also agree with T&T they prob do even things out althought it will never be totally even. In Calgary's case it was a TD for Mtl it was a first down.

I don't see where it says "OFFICIAL GAME SUMMARY" on that article. It's just that, an opinionated article written by a journalist that was posted on the website.

I agree with you Hellothere, again it is the officals fault that nelon plays crappy, It is the officals fault the offensive game plan for the riders does not work and of coure it is the officals fault that the riders lost. Same old story. Thats lay the blame where it belongs. Every team in the CFL has been a victim of a ball or non call big deal. A good team will win regardless. By the Riders making a big deal of this may cause refs to lean to the other team when a decision is made by making this statment. Nik Lewis was a victim of this in game this year. After making a catch he went to hand the ball to the ref and it was dropped the ref called it and he was accessed a penalty. Is this a big deal no but it could have been a result for the Stamps complaining a year ago. Nik Leiws made an accusation that a ref used a questionable word towards him. So leave it go a good team should play through this. The Riders are not a good team.

(Devils advocate here): I know that what you all read seemed like sour grapes. But lets face facts here. Yes Sas. played like crap and they control their own destiny. Any team does. But....when you are dealing with a "game" that is officiated by other human beings who are expected to get every call right, ( and believe it or not that is what is expected of them ,they are not sent off to ref. school being told "you will make mistakes") Then it really doesn't matter how good or bad a team plays. If ONE call is blown that changes the course of a close game, then you have a serious problem that needs to be rectified.

Doesn't matter if it happens 100 times or 1 time. It shouldn't happen! Referees are there to control the FLOW of a game NOT change the outcome.

Ah but this has been a sore point of the CFL, part time refs and it shows.
I remember that BC game last year with the offside kick the Stamps recovered for a touchdown but it was ruled incorrectly but that is the way it was ruled. They said sorry after the game! ha ha ha life goes on!


Are the Riders making a big deal about this? I don't see one comment anywhere from a Rider (player or coach) blaming the loss on the refs.

Just a thought.

My Dad worked with an official, who seemed nice enough.
Point is, these guys have full time jobs outside of football. They make crap money to ref a pro game.
So why do they do it? They love football, plain and simple. They love the game.
What they need is a decent salary that would allow them to devote more time to developing their skills as officials.
What we don't need is instant replay, that will kill the momentum of the game.
So until they get more money, we'll just have to live with blown calls. Even so...every team has 60 minutes to win or lose. It would be foolish to think the officials have the power to control that.

As for Sask...exciting game and they almost pulled it off, but they blew it. You can't blame anyone but yourselves. 60 minutes folks, that's a lot of time.

Go Bombers!!! : )

No offence Kobe but this "kills the momentum or slows down the game is a load of " It doesn't matter how much you pay them they are human and they will make mistakes. Add to that the fact that they cannot see everything every-time and there will always be problems and complaining.

The teams will not be challenging every play so to add 10 minutes to a 3 hour games is nothing