[b]Okay does anybody have any SOLID info on whether or not Clermont has any interest in coming to Saskatchewan?

I hear this is the last year of the BC contract. There will be a bunch of interest in him.
Jason Clermont and Ben Cahoon are two guys that stand out in there positions nobody can touch their intensity.

I would love to have Jason Clermont in Riderville.

BC may not want to let him go, but it may be tough to keep him.[/b]

It's all rumour at this point....I've heard he has a girl in Regina, and has work there (real estate, I believe) that he does there in the off-season....could be wrong, though. Being raised in the area doesn't hurt, either....however, because of tampering , nothing will be finalized until his contract runs out, obviously....

He's never come out and publicly said it but it seems he has hinted at the possiblility a bit. He does have a real estate job in Regina and lives here in the off season, so I guess it would make sense for him.

He can't come out and say anything because he is under contract to the Lions.

However, I hate to admit it, but I think he will be yours in 2008. Wally made him a generous offer to stay in Vancouver, but because of the reasons that jm02 listed, he will move to the Riders for LESS MONEY in 2008.

Besides, he will have his two Grey Cup rings in BC and that should be satisfying enough! :wink: :wink:

I dunno about the 2 rings man... I think them Riders are gonna have some jewellry coming this year

Clermont would be a nice addition. Let's hope everyrhing goes right.


I don't think that its going to be this year but I think that the core players as well as the core system that austin and tillman are going to provide will get us a ring in the next couple years. I think a team always needs one year to get all gears moving under new coaches, but then again every team in the league has a new offensive coordinator. I hope that I have to eat my words. RIDERS FTW!!!