So before the season started, I was buying a fair ammount of Pro line tikets, and for some reason I started winning quite a bit. I thought, you know what, I'm gonna start writing down my picks for all of the pro line tickets I get and keep a personal track record, see if maybe I have a hidden talent. Well I decided I would put it on the computer to make it easier, but then realized if I'm going to put it on the computer, why not put it on the internet too? Anyways every week I pick the winners for every game, and it became kind of like a hobby for me. I try and break down statistics and matchups,and I write a small paragraph on why I've picked the team I picked, but for some reason I'm still only batting at .500 . This past week I went 3 for 4 though, so I got a little brave and thought I'd tell a few more people (this website) about my page. So just check her out, and hey, leave your picks here and see how close you can be to perfect.